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walls and doors. yeah


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i have a bunch of scars from doing stupid shit when i was a kid. one in the middle of my forehead, from climbing a dresser like stairs, and on the way down the thing fell ontop of me; one on my upper lip i got from running down the hallway of my old house looking the other way, and as soon as i spun my head 'round there was the corner of a brick wall; one on my chin from trying to change into pj's when i was...4 or 5, needless to say i tried while i was standing, slipped, and hit my chin on the sideboard to my bed.

another time i was in spain on a school trip, i was a senior...i was sober for this too...i was on a balcony of someone elses room, i tried to climb over to the other one, when someone said their teacher was coming(there were three schools, mine didn't have a curfew or anything, as there were six of us)and so i had to jump back over, and run into the closet, so i could hide. i got as far as the glass door. but was shut, and it had a BRIGHT RED CIRCLE on it, to tell people, "hey! there is a door there!" thats most likley the worst one. so i walked around with a big black and blue on my forehead for a week...and had to tell that story a bunch...but those all hurt really, fucking bad


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Got one on my left eyebrow, fell on a toilet bown when I was three.

Got one on my right pinky toe, shower door + matchbox car incident at age six, got my Sega Genesis the next day because I was in a wheelchair for six weeks due to blood loss if my foot wasn't elevated.

A few random scars on my legs from bike falls a few years back, we loved going off ramps in the 'hood.
I used to have a mark on my forehead from my near brush with natural selection. When I had just learned to walk I ran into the corner of a coffee table while running, surprisingly managing to smash a small hole in my skull, alot of blood involved if I had been a little faster I might of had a chance at killing myself or making myself a vegtable. By some wierdness of nature the only visible evidence left is an almost invisible groove in my forehead.


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Descent said:
Got one on my left eyebrow, fell on a toilet bown when I was three.
and no flux capacitor designs??? oh well..

Scar Above left fell while holding me as a baby, i hit a pole
scars on riding
scar on riding
scar on right arm...fucking cat...


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Scars pretty much everywhere - All BMXing related. Ditto for getting in fights. Most notable is probably the large scar over my knuckle where most of the skin got ripped off, and the long one across my belly (think of the line you get when you sit down and lean forward. Mine's permanent).

Scar on the top of my right hand - scratching at the chicken pox.

Scars over the tops of both of my feet - I have a rough fucking pool.

Scar on my forehead - tackle football with no padding in an alleyway. When I stood up, a rock came with me.

T shaped scar on my nose, long scar following the nostril on the other side - roughhousing with my dogs.

Scar on my left index finger - bitten by a parrot.

Black spot in my left palm - stabbed by a pencil, lead broke off.

Two dark spots on my right elbow - burns from falling off the sack on a slide.

Fairly large gash on my right wrist - now I know not to ride my bike in the house. Damn counter.

Slash line across the back of my left leg - garage door spring snapped. Could have been much worse.

Scars on the bottom of my cock - zipper related.

There's a lot more, but I'm getting sick of typing.


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You guys are all fucked up looking! :p

Anyway, I have a few scars in my head. If I shave my head, you can see them.

My biggest scar is in my left arm. I burnt my self when I was 3 years old. I was FAT, really FAT back then. Well, I was not only fat but also an idiot. One day, I was really hungry and went into the kitchen, open the oven door and stood on it to see what was cooking. Then my FAT little sister came running and stood on the oven door also. This is when the stove flipped and my left arm got caught within the oven door and the stove. The food and boiling water was all over my arm!

So, my left arm is kind of fucked up looking. LOL!! Well, it doesn't look bad. If you pay attention to it, you will notice it, but most people don't.

I didn't go into a kitchen till I was about 6 years old. :thumbsdn:
the only scar i have in on my left arm...when i was going through an under-road tunnel thinger on my bike, i slipped on some water that collected down there and i skidded for like ten feet on the concrete....this scar is like 4 inches long an an inch wide.....


Heh, know I feel like I've been lucky so far.

Three scars on my head (covered by hair luckily)- unrelated Jungle Gym incidents when i was 5

Scar along the side of my left hand- burnt while attempting to cook

Thin scar on the tip of my left pinky- Cut the tip off in a recliner, they reattached the tip but left a scar and the end is a little crooked

Heavily scarred elbows and knees- various skateboarding accidents

Large scar on the side of my right foot- combination of athlete's foot and rollerblading


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I have a few scars as well.

Fingers, hands, back, arms, legs....everywhere.

My 9 year old son has a couple on his face. I nicknamed him my "Little Scarface".

This one was from the Target parking lot. He ran right into a pole. :confused:

This was from a bad scooter accident. He fell and something on the handle bars went right through his face. He was able to stick his tongue through this hole.

He has another small one under his right eye as well,from a dog biting him. Yup, He's my little scarface. ;)


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I dont think I've faired too well over the years, almost 100 scars scattered across my arms ranging from burns,cuts and the like, to this one on the inside of my elbo where I "ripped" the skin streching, interesting.
Left hand; sliced off the side of my thumb in a meat slicer, cut open my pointer finger making a wooden, umm, thing in school. scar on the back of my hand from getting hit with a flash light, oh and the 1x1 inch scar from the skin graft for my thumb is on the palm of my hand.
Right hand; 6 scars from when my hand didn't like a tv, and more burns than i can count.
Theres this scar on my knee, and this is the fucked up one, i went to bed and i was fine, i had a dream that i got cut, i woke up and i was bleeding.

On top of this i'll menshion shit i've gotten in my eye's; gas, desile, hydrolic fluid, HOT engine oil, and battery acid.


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I got a scar on top of my head when i got in a dirt clod fight with my friends (stupid, i know). in what would have been the middle of the fight (it would have gone on longer if i hadn't been injured), some one threw one at me. Unfortunatly, this one had a rock in it. it hit me on the head and there was a lot of blood and stuff. The dumbest thing of all of this is that i didn't go and get stitches.


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Got one on the back of my right thigh. Got stabbed with a swiss army knife by some little tool I had a fight with.
Also a cigarette burn on my wrist as a result of a $20 bet with some guy in a bar. Long story.
Ahhh growing up. Lucky I made it this far.

I have one on the ball of my inner right ankle from having a wart removed when I was maybe 5 or 6 y/o.

I have 2 on my belly. One from falling asleep on top of a heating pad, which caused a blister. The other is from this rash I get from my belt buckle, I'm allergic to the metal or something.

I have one on my upper left arm from a time I was playing volleyball. You know those really thin ropes attached to the net and then staked into the ground? They're pulled very taut to keep the thing steady (I'm guessing). Well, it was starting to get dark. I went after the ball and ran right into one of the ropes and it cut into my arm.

I have a small gray dot under the skin next to my right elbow. In the eigth grade, I was walking out of class and the person in front of me stopped. So I stopped. The guy behind me didn't, and accidentally stabbed me with his pencil.

I think that's it.

Edit: A few scars on my ankles from shaving, and from scratching mosquito bites.


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Nailbomb said:
Black spot in my left palm - stabbed by a pencil, lead broke off.
Hey, I got one in my right shoulder! It didn't hurt at all, totally accidental on my brother's part, but we stayed up until 4 A.M. trying to get it out one month later. I've also tried myself three more times unsucessfully.

I'm going to leave it in there so I can be identified if Max assrapes me and slaughters me in Nassau county.

"Yup, that's Jim. I stabbled the lead in there myself."

You sound like some kind of anime character - I mean bitten by a parrot! That's fucking classic.

And CL, having your son able to stick your toungue through that - fucking gross. Reminds me why I never got out much as a kid, even though the only bike related injury I ever really suffered until later in life was being bitten in the ass by Oreo, the neighborhood dog.


Funnier than a 5th grader
Descent said:
And CL, having your son able to stick your toungue through that - fucking gross.
Yeah, it was gross, but he thought it was cool.

After it was stitched up, I told the doc that I didn't think he did a very good job on it. I knew something wasn't right. They assured me that they did what they could and it was fine. (they also had to do recontucted surgery on his gum). The next day he was eating ice cream and it was coming out of the stitched up cut. :confused:

He thought it was funny though.


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Descent said:
You sound like some kind of anime character - I mean bitten by a parrot! That's fucking classic.
I just don't get along with birds. The parrot's the only one that's left a scar, but I've also been attacked by wild turkeys, pigeons, a roadrunner, ravens, peacocks, and even mallards.


Burn scar on my left hand - Making fishsticks

Small scar on my right arm - Someone said a piece of tile was really sharp and I didn't believe them so I ran it across my arm... It turns out the tile was really sharp.

Small scar on the back of my left leg - Tried to itch my leg with a knife.

Another few small scars on the back of my left leg - Peddling on my friends bike really fast then I put my foot down to stop (The brakes on this bike didn't work.) The peddle slammed into the back of my leg.

Scar on my eyelid - Riding my bike when I was a little kid and a stick on a tree going through my eyelid.

Scar in between my eyebrows - I don't know.
Surgery scar on my left hand.

Knife scar on my right hand.

Beer bottle scar on top of the right part of my head.

Bike scars on every finger.

Burn scar on my left elbow.


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Knife scar on my right thumb

Knife scar across my stomach above my navel

Scars all over my elbows and knees from being a little kid

Scar on upper lip (probably from getting beat)

Scar on right middle finger knuckle from punching

Scar on lower back (probably from getting beat)

I have like billions more, but I don't really want to go into it all...

Edit:// I was looking at my hands and I have scars on two more knuckles, as well as one on my wrist (I don't know what the wrist one is for).

Edit #2:// I have two scars that look like they came from claws of some sort on my left calf. They're like 4 inches long and parallel. I don't know where they're from :confused: