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Discuss Want to know why things seem to keep getting worse?


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
College education vs. Reality

Citation needed.

Thousands of others, a simple government official pedophile search will show that this is not some new thing, with articles going back to the beginning of the newspaper, well before TV. One can find it in the NSA, the CIA, CPS, Universities, Senators, etc. etc.


Thousands of others.

Well? Not enough Citation Brit?

If not, please let me know what sources you find acceptable and I will find it there.

The Pedo Cannibals (Deep State, Luciferians, Zionist Central Bankers, Illuminati, the Elite, whatever you like) are REAL and being exposed worldwide.

Care to discuss reality?


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
@JLXC your citations do nothing to back your statements:
  1. They are hard to identify
  2. They lie
  3. They have a worldwide network
I'm sorry. Explain how to build a spaceship in one easy sentence. Or Explain how to perform a complex brain surgery in just a few words. Some things take many hours of research to even begin to understand. If it was as easy as putting up one link to solve ALL problems, I would have done it. Some things require effort, like understanding this.

The pedo cannibals are being exposed. There have been thousands of arrests. There is over 2 million child sex slaves in America alone, according to the police and investigators. There is NO EASY WAY to make people understand this.

The more you look, the more you find.

How many links would you like? Which sources are ok to use for it?

If you think there is some AH HAH simple link that covers the years of research needed it would take years to read. If there was one video it would be thousands of hours long. If you think they admitted it all in the open, they would have been rounded up in total already. I'm sorry some people are lying evil fucks. I'm sorry the evil fucks control the media, making it very difficult to get anything out.

Some things require understanding which comes from experience and learning.

I can't learn you on a worldwide global organization that has been purposely hiding for hundreds of years, in a simple way.

The answer is pedo cannibals run the world.

The question requires thousands of hours to truly get to.

Sucks. But there it is. I can point out as many instances as you like. I can show you endless testimony from victims, police, investigators, the FBI, whatever. I can point out hundreds of books on the subject. I can lead a horse to water but.........
The bottom line JLXC is that you are a fear monger. There have been many before you. Ronald Regan campaigned in 1984 on the threat of nuclear war and it worked. Twenty years later, George W. Bush campaigned on the threat of terrorism and it also worked. You are laying the groundwork for Donald Trump and others to campaign on the threat of deep-state-pedophile-cannibal-illuminati or whatever you want to call it. Unfortunately, history has shown that a lot of idiots vote based on their fears, as unrealistic as they are. You either are trying to sway people's votes by giving them something to fear or you are one of idiots who votes based on such fears. In the latter case, you would be oblivious to what is really happening.


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
More Pedo arrests.... just the tip of the iceberg...

More than 500 suspects were arrested and 56 people were rescued during a statewide human-trafficking crackdown, officials said.

The Los Angeles County Regional Human Trafficking Task Forces announced the arrests of 510 suspects during the three-day sweep, called Operation Reclaim and Rebuild.
Perception is very subjective as our mood swings would dictate.

Nothing static stops changing. If you think your world is getting worse, then it would be prudent to take measures toward improving it.