WaR! WAR! WaR!


Angel of Death
Every wakening moment of my life I live a war. One that affects everything I do and think. If you think for a second when I am alone at night that I have not had to weigh and rethink the priced I paid for this war. If you think for a moment that I have not whispered in my soldiers ear "Is this worth it?" You are a fool among fools.

All things for price and what is the price of freedom?

Oh and with a heavy heart I do write these words and black, scorned of fire. This beautiful war. Its ugly and uglier. Yes people die, and blood is split. Bombs do go bomb and drop in the still night. Brave men and woman. The best of the best do fall and die upon the ground, leaving behind others to pick up the pieces and family now a lone.

There is no high pay for this job of little glory, its a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Its a lot of pride from within, a lot strength and little time to fear nor tear. Cause when their knocking on the gates of hell in a land that god forgot... you have little time for fear and only enough to react. You remember why you signed up for the people back here in this great country, praying with our yellow ribbons, holding faith when there shouldn't be any...wishing for a safe return and you remember high above you their are Angels watching over you. I thank you for my freedom... you a better person then I.

Now I watch with deepen eyes, staring you in the face. You who speak so freely of death and how they all should die. You who breath hate, yet scream for wonderful peace. Irony. Its such a pity… that you didn’t have to pay the price.


So what i give a respons
note: writting forum. You failed to give anything constructive based on what i have written.