WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Warning: Don't type like an illiterate idiot in this forum.

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There is a new 'Literacy Clause' in effect as of now. (Click the link and read it, dummy.) If you're one of the partially illiterate people this effects, you need to start typing like a normal educated person.

If you are either incapable of typing with a degree of intellect, or just refuse to do so, then you are an idiot. Don't bother complaining, we don't care. Just stop. Continuing to type like this will get your posts locked, edited or deleted. Maybe even banned if you're a complete idiot.

To the majority of WTF members who can handle the complexities of periods, commas and paragraphs, please report infractions so we can limit the amount of retardation on the forums.
Not open for further replies.