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Headlines Was Hitler autistic?


A Rampant Vagitarian
This is just some mindplay I had whilst reading The interviews of Nürnberg and my psychology books at the same time.
Hitler seems to have a lot of the symptoms of a mildly autistic man. maybe Aspergers? I do not have such a great insight yet on the issue, and I hope for this to raise a discussion.
He had compulsive movements, his hand shook a lot.
He had to have things strictly in order
He was not that much of a people person
he lacked emotions
He was fearless (stupidity might cover this also)
Obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizoid personality, simple schizophrenia, affective disorder, mental retardation or brain damage?

Or just insane?


Banned - What an Asshat!
or just a speedfreak/cokehead..

From 1942, the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler received daily injections of methamphetamine from his personal physician, Dr Theodor Morell. Hitler's ailments have been attributed to everything from tertiary syphilis to Parkinson's disease. But many of The Führer's clinical signs and symptoms may have been caused by his exotic drug regimen.


The real man's bitch
I seem to remember a TV program that said Hitler was a kinky fucker according to some of the women he was with.


Mentally Incarcerated
I heard a theory that he was missing a part of his brain. That he was ingenious, but he didn't really have any emotions.

Also that he farted alot, but that's sorta off topic...


Evil Fluffy says: I PEE IN YOUR SHOES!
Actually I heard he was coming down with parkinsons disease. That disease has uncontrollable shaking usually in the hands and limbs with quick little shaking and then full body movements with more of a snake like movement then eventually making it very difficult to walk and function. As long as he was doing some physical activity the shaking would relax a slight which also is a sign of Parkinsons disease. It can be controlled to an extent with activity but back then people didn't know completely what it was nor what to do with it. He was deteriorating but it did seem to be based on shaking uncontrollably. Knowing the way Hitler was from reading and school, he would hide his emotions to help control his symptoms. He didnt' want to look possessed but he wanted to show poser by controlling himself as well as everyone else. He was deteriorating but liek I said there was little anyone can do for him because they didn't have meds for Parkinson's and eventually the brain will get paranoid and confused without proper meds and care.

Autistic people usually rock back and forth. Autism is not uncontrollable but it does seem to help them mentally calm down. Torrents syndrome there's sometimes a shaking but it's more jerking and also least to some extent. If it were torrents he'd also be calling things out randomly or making some throat noises along with jerking when it gets worse. One might think Multiple Sclerosis but then he would have shown other signs of other problems including shaking, loss of movement on occasion, maybe incontinance even, loss of sensation, vision and hearing problems, etc... These symtoms would reccur and not be constant howmever not controllable. Parkinson's really is the only thing he had symptoms for.
In any case, if Hitler's yet another individual who had the same condition as me, I'll just be glad I'm not COMPLETELY evil like him because of it...

I bet if you touched Hitler he would whack you with his cane.
I'm sure he had parkinsons, but that wasn't until late in his life...


Soul Doubt
TheLampIncident said:
I bet if you touched Hitler he would whack you with his cane.
If you touched hitler he'd get someone to off you.


I heard he was supposed to be an artist or something related to culture. But they didnt want him. So i guess he got pissed and it driven him to become the insane motherfucker he was.


Soul Doubt
DotCom said:
I heard he was supposed to be an artist or something related to culture. But they didnt want him. So i guess he got pissed and it driven him to become the insane motherfucker he was.
Hitler wanted to become an architect but his dad wanted him to become a civil servant. Low and behold, he was a lot more than a civil servant (as he listened to his dad rather than following his own dreams) ...

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