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Watch out for toilet seats at Home Depot!


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
"DENVER, Colorado (AP) -- Home Depot was sued by a shopper from a Kentucky store who claims he got stuck to a restroom toilet seat because a prankster had smeared it with glue.

Bob Dougherty, 57, accused employees of ignoring his cries for help for about 15 minutes because they thought he was kidding."


How much would that suck? They never have any good reading material in those bathrooms.


I remember a handful of years ago, I was helping my sister move. Tooling down the road in a U-Haul, I felt a terrible urge for a violent lower bowel purge. I calmly asked my sis, "Stop at that fuckin' McDonald's...or we both die!!" She gladly obliged. With great haste, I enter the indoor outhouse of Micky D's. I kick open the shitter door, sporting beads of sweat across my brow, knowing that this thunder-bowl will soon end my agony.

Low and I enter my stall of salvation, I notice that some jackass thought it would be fun to cover the toilet seat with ketchup and mustard.

"WTF, no pickles?"

Needless to say, I didn't bother to clean the seat. Had I waited a moment longer, I'd be cleaning my ass.
It's amazing how much fun it is to shit with an altitude of two inches above seat level.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Ouch that's gotta hurt. GethFu that was a great story. I printed it out and gave it to my co-workers! They are loving you man! lol