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.WAV File Emoticons


Hella Constipated
I feel that this would be a great addition to the site...I also have a plan to prevent the piracy of copyrighted materials, such as music.

Set the file size limit to c. 500-1024K. That way, no song file could fit in that file size frame, in that format, without it being inaudible. A 1:00 long FreeSpace 2 BGM is around 1500K at 8-bit/22KHz. If you go any lower than that, it would be pretty hard to be able to hear anything.

Who's with me on this? We could have stock emoticons, and user uploadable ones. Moderating an audio file would be just as easy as moderating a picture; you'll know if it's copyrighted if you see or hear it (Or if it breaks any rules!).


Somewhere in the Between
I kinda like the Idea, But I don't like it when any Website turns on music and mine is already playing. On and off button would help!

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
Descent said:
Well? Does anyone agree with me here?

I was thinking of a "PLAY" button...Not automatic playing.
As long as that option is available, I'm fine with it. I don't want stupid shit going off as soon as I open a thread.


Descent said:
Well? Does anyone agree with me here?
Descent said:
I was thinking of a "PLAY" button...Not automatic playing.
I know for sure there aren't any vBulletin mods for this, so it'd have to be coded by hand. So get to it. :thumbsup:

Edit: I guess you could make a custom vB tag for it, but most people don't have hosting for their audio. I'd rather see a tag to enable flash first, too bad ActionScript can do some nasty things. :(


Martha Fuckin' Stewart
Honestly, what would be the point of having a .wav file emoticon? Hearing the phrase, "Uzzz R teh Gehy! L0Lzzersss!!!one", over and over would bother me. Plus who would really press a play button to hear some stupid saying that they could just as easily read. :thumbsup:


Trance Addict
It's called teamspeak people. Team....speak.

Telephones are great too. If you wanna talk to someone, just talk to them in private. 1 meg would be too can downsize a .wav file to mp3 format and rant for nearly a minute with an attached sound file. the only alternative to this would be singling out the possibility of uploading'd have to make something in .wav format so that it'd be large and you could only have about 5 seconds of some fucker ranting his opinion.

In summary:

a) no one would use this feature as "emoticons"...theyd just rant
b) there are plenty of voice clients if you'd like to talk to someone on these forums