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Eye Candy Ways to raise funds to fight breast cancer


I once ate broccoli
Breast Cancer Awareness Month usually takes place in October as charities band together and people across the nation don their pink ribbons.
But thanks to the efforts of a pair of Frenchmen, awareness of the cause may come a little earlier this year as cleavage-loving social media savants flock to Boobstagram.
Pulling photographs of ample boobs from Instagram and posting them to their website, the men say though, is their attempt to encourage women to get regular breast exams.

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How the fuck you missed this one?


The slow blade penetrates the shield.
I totally dig it. I don't even know what it's about and I dig it. I saw "breast" in the title and I saw a link in the OP. Clicked the link and BAM! Boobs. Sold. :thumbsup:

But... given the nature of the images in the link, I'm thinking maybe this is better posted in Eye Candy as that is our version of an "NSFW" tag.

I'm not trying to be a prude, I'm simply concerned that someone may click the link in the OP at a not so appropriate moment and have some "Splainin' to do" because they thought they were simply clicking a link to a news article.

tl;dr moving to Eye Candy just in case. If I'm wrong, it will be moved back. :)