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we are all beautiful

we are all beautiful people

Someone once told me beautiful young people grow into ugly adults
That same person told me that ugly young people grow into beautiful adults

Yet, if you ask me everyone is beautiful, everyone has that light
That light deep inside of them searching to make things right

You see, the outside does not matter, its about what is inside, deep inside their mind
Their body, their heart, their soul, that part of them buried so deep, no one else ever seems to find

That essence that makes them who they are
That no matter how hard they try to hide, makes them dream, and shoot for their own special star

You may only the outside, you may not see that they are smart
That they love life, that they care, or the size of their heart
Maybe its because most of us can not see the good in ourselves, that good that takes part
In everything we do, maybe looking to ourselves is a good start

Maybe not

Confidence is a wonderful thing
But a thing held on to us by a very thin string

Allows us to show what we can do, and what we are good at
But it is fragile, it breaks when you chip at it, and everyone could do without that

So maybe, just maybe we should stop breaking down everyone else’s self confidence
And start rebuilding it, so that maybe we could see the beauty they hold inside

What does everyone else think? Am I crazy or is everyone beautiful in some way?
Thanx I guess.... Im sorry if it was weird ... Just wanted to let people who have alway been put down that they are special in some way or another

ChilianFuckFace said:
I am confused. Are we all beautiful in some way, or are you just crazy? :confused:
Thats for you to decide. I think we are all beatiful in some way... but hey I'm just some guy on the net. What do I know


It rhymes a bit obvious, a bit uhm, nursery rhymish.
And ofcoarse I totally disagree with the contents. :)

Blah has returned!
blah said:
It rhymes a bit obvious, a bit uhm, nursery rhymish.
And ofcoarse I totally disagree with the contents. :)

Blah has returned!

I have so much to say to you man! I mean bla bla bla bla bla bla blas bla?????? blah? blah!
You're not crazy

The crazy ones are those who can't see the truth in your words. Of course there are so many opinionated assholes running around this site, I'm surprised you didn't get more criticism.