Weak upon Emotional thoughts.


Angel of Death
She smiled today
and there was no one
to hear the laughter

she cried last night
and there was no one
to feel her die.

She fell down
and there was no one
to see her get back

She tripped again and realized
there was no one there
to trip her.

Somedays its not worth it
so she sleep it all away

As she steped outside
to feel the beautiful sunshine
and meet her shadow...its always there for her.

Life so tragic
at 21 years of age
might as well just die...for the next 200 days.

But just smile
thats what they will whisper
the ones who aren't standing here... right now.

So great to be all alone
she smiles
its great to feel all this pain
she smiles

She smiles till she dies
till the tears overwhelm
till she falls apart in front of no one.

Arm wraped around her
body twisted in emotional pain
heart so weak its bearly beating
she breathing just to know she still alive.

The weakest thing in life
A girl named Angel
who can't seem to fly.


Angel of Death
before anyone comments on this. Its not ment to be a poem or anything...its more of a bunch of small little poems melted together to be just a ball of emotion.

No need to search for depth.


Banned - What an Asshat!
actually, its pretty poetic. takes you from one moment to the next in her life.