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Web Wanderer


Flame Bait
Ousted from a plethora of sites. When a site that accepts the narrative of my life is found and tolerates me it is doomed to die. Repeatedly I am a castaway floundering in a sea of banality until washed ashore yet again. Another wandering soul adrift after the last BBS evaporated left a link to this enclave. Following it the required ritual was performed and here I am. Twenty-three years of Web wandering has me gazing at this site with well-honed razor-sharp acumen. And always remember that the multiple CRAYs at several federal agencies relentlessly scan the web using algorithms amazingly adept at sniffing out what the overlords are seeking.


Silly Face!
Don't kill!

I've use to be a regular on certain sites that no longer exist. I miss them. What sucks is that I want to bring the sites back, but the owner stopped paying for the domain name, then some asshole gets it and charges thousands of dollars for it.


Do they still make Cray supercomputers?

Fun Fact: The Cray 1 was made in 1976, had a 166 MHz processor and 128 MB of RAM. It cost $4 million.