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Weird Shit!!!

On Jan 9, 2001 my great grandmother died. :(
She died at the age of 102, she was born in in 1899.
2 years later the girl I liked moved to a different school.
But the freaky thing is she moved the same date my great grandma died but two years ago. I felt like I lost two people in my life. It kind of made me feel its some how connected.


Mad Bastard
cant live a good life now that i got 6-8 screws in my ankle :sword:
cant do any of the shit i use to like to do. atleast i can get about 5-6 of them screws out and the plate 8) but still got two 2-inch'rs in there .. :confused:
damn taht sux

That sux man.. I feel bad for you...
It must hurt like a bitch when your walking. If that was me I was be saying FUCK THIS!!!!!, And I would have so much pain.


I wanna live until my quality of life is so poor that I'm unable to be happy anymore. Then i can die peacefully in my sleep.