well here is another one...tell me what you think...


I look at my arms, pale and white
And listen to the screaming inside
I've given up tired of losing the fight
And knowing that I can no longer hide

I pick up the razor, look at it gleam
I hold it close to my wrist
I see the blood rolling down a bright red sheen
But I don't realize my life is at risk

It gets worse and worse cut after cut
As I seek salvation and relief*
It's too hard to stop, but I know I must
Because soon I'll find more pain than I seek

Down my cheeks the tears roll slowly
As the blade slices my arm
But even as I see blood flowing freely
I don't realize I'm causing myself harm

I am a cutter, But I'm not proud
I hate myself and the thoughts in my head
I'm going through a living hell, relief sought but not found*
This insatiable raging pain cannot be fed

Now my cutting has become a curse
I'm trapped in a haze of red
All I wanted was relief at first
But now more and more I wish to be dead

better than you

It's true
:thumbsup: Well written, conveys the emotion well I think, from what I know. I wouldn't call it a pinnacle, but it's pretty darn good. Keep writing, I'll keep reading.

Awful brave of you to throw something like that out here, considering the general level of kindhearted understanding there is on the boards. Heh. Friends of mine used to cut, and the girl I love is fighting hard to stop. I hate to sound like an inspirational video dipshit, but if you hate it, you can change it.

Anyway, I liked the poem.


Angel of Death
no one on this board has to fear putting there thoughts and feelings up here no matter how deep or how hard core they may be. That a promise.