WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Well that was fun...


ch1llywilly304(01:49:34): hey whatz up man
BeaumanDP(01:49:47): hey
ch1llywilly304(01:49:55): hows it goin?
BeaumanDP(01:49:58): good
BeaumanDP(01:50:00): you
ch1llywilly304(01:50:11): that'sg ood
BeaumanDP(01:50:23): so who are you
ch1llywilly304(01:50:33): I'm andy
BeaumanDP(01:50:37): oh
ch1llywilly304(01:50:45): did you know there are coffee flavored PEZ? wierd...
BeaumanDP(01:50:55): can't say i'm surprised
ch1llywilly304(01:51:07): how old r u?
BeaumanDP(01:51:16): 17
ch1llywilly304(01:51:27): have you tried the new coke with lime? it's pretty good
BeaumanDP(01:51:33): maybe once
BeaumanDP(01:51:38): how old are you
ch1llywilly304(01:51:45): are you any good with computers? I am pretty illiterate when it comes to computers, haha
BeaumanDP(01:51:54): fairly
ch1llywilly304(01:52:07): u say some interesting things... lol
BeaumanDP(01:52:58): well, funny you should mention it
ch1llywilly304(01:53:07): what about me?
BeaumanDP(01:53:23): well, my talking sounds normal, but yours sounds different
ch1llywilly304(01:53:34): u say som einteresting things... lol
BeaumanDP(01:53:54): you're an odd chap, andy
ch1llywilly304(01:54:10): weird is cool
BeaumanDP(01:54:19): i won't disagree
ch1llywilly304(01:54:28): uh huh... sure lol
ch1llywilly304(01:54:45): :-p
BeaumanDP(01:54:52): hehe
ch1llywilly304(01:55:01): i'm sorry, but I refuse to reply if you're going to be silly
BeaumanDP(01:55:24): well, what if i did the same thing
BeaumanDP(01:55:31): the conversation might end
ch1llywilly304(01:55:38): what r u up to?
BeaumanDP(01:55:48): sitting around
BeaumanDP(01:55:49): you
ch1llywilly304(01:56:00): u ok over there? lol
BeaumanDP(01:56:26): quite fine, dude
ch1llywilly304(01:56:37): really?
BeaumanDP(01:56:44): eyap
ch1llywilly304(01:56:55): :-D
t0uchd0wn93110(01:57:18): hey! sorry, i switched screennames
BeaumanDP(01:57:40): well,eh, hello again
t0uchd0wn93110(01:57:51): hows it goin?
BeaumanDP(01:57:57): neutral
BeaumanDP(01:57:59): how are you
t0uchd0wn93110(01:58:07): are u online a lot?
BeaumanDP(01:58:19): maybe
t0uchd0wn93110(01:58:32): i bet you're really hot aren't u? ;-)
BeaumanDP(01:59:13): yes, i'm the hottest guy you've ever not seen
t0uchd0wn93110(01:59:22): alrighty then
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i dont know you but i was bored...