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We've lost 425$


Raging Hermaphrodite
Normally, that sort of thing would go in Conversations Between Mom and I but this story here is on a completely different and much more serious level.

I recently got myself a new car. The tires and rims were of different size than my previous car, so I had to buy myself a new set of winter tires.

Surprizingly, my mother violates her own principles by suggesting I buy them used. On that same week, while I'm busy with a particularly hectic period at school, she ends up buying a set of Toyos on rims, originally on a Toyota Corolla but guaranteed that they will fit on my car make and model (a Honda Accord.) I then call a garage to schedule the tire change.

I bring the car to the garage. Five minutes later, the mech comes to me with two problems. First, the rims don't fit. Second and much more important: three of the four tires are used beyond safety measures, two of which no longer having any warning bands!

Mom was supposed to catch up with me at the garage anyway, so I tell the guy to park my car elsewhere while I wait for her to discuss the matter. Mom arrives. We end up buying a new set of tires and rims. The garage tells me they don't have any in stock, so he orders a set, and says he'll put them on the rims and balance them as soon as they arrive, then call me to schedule another tire change. The end result is a bill of 970$ (CDN) after tax.

Once we get outside, the following conversation ensues.

Me: "Do you still have the phone number of the guy who sold you the tires?"
Mom: "No. And I'm not calling him back."
Me: "Mom, those used tires cost 425$. We can do a lot of shit with 425$."
Mom: "Do you expect me to call him and admit I've been jacked?!"
Me: "Yesssss...!"
Mom: "No. I won't call him."
Me: "If you don't wanna call him, then I will!"
Mom: "No."

Without further word, she gets into her car and drives away. That's right. She refuses to step over her pride and claim back the money she spent for tires that happened to be worn out.

End result: We've lost 425$.​


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auch...poor you.. :hug2: