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What a flake!


It started back about a month ago. I had my grad. party and she never showed and neither did her family. I found out later when she called (At like 9 pm the day of the party) that they had had a family gathering for her uncle who lives in Germany and was in the states visiting. Ok, understandable.

So my mom and sister are like, don't go to her party. She didn't go to yours. bla bla lba. But I went cuz I've known this girl since I was in Preschool and she's been my best friend through it all.

So at her party we make plans for Monday cuz neither of us worked Mon. Tues. Or Wed. (today).

I call her up Mon. to cement out plans and she's like, I have to take my brother to ball today cuz my mom is working. Ok, that's understandable too. And she says "I promise we'll do something tomorrow for sure." So that night I call her up. My boss had an emergency and I had to go in Tues. I told her this and she's like, oh, that's better anyway cuz it's my sister's birthday anyway and I was going to call you tomorrow morning and let you know we couldn't get together.

So it's today. I call her to go to the movie (we have free movie passes from the sr. all night party.) and nobody answers. So I leave a message. Nobody calls me in like 2 hours. So I call her back and her mom answers. They don't know where she is, but her car is there, so they'll have her call me. OK. So I never get a call back. I end up calling her a couple more times, but she's nowhere to be found.

I'm sick of being flaked on. WTF is her problem? If she doesn't wanna do something, tell me that. Don't tell me we'll do something the next day then either flake or dissapear. What a friend. :rolleyes:
I HATE flakes, nicks(my fiance) friend flaked on us about gong to padre and didn't tell us he wasn't going till I allready had the reservations for tickets hotel etc. so i wasted tons of booking fees just to cancel a trip I am soo pissed right now. and all he can say is sorry I just wasn't sure about it in the first place. I was like why didn't you tell us then!!! grrr. he canceled yesterday, we were leaving tomorrow.
magnolia said:
That sucks. He should pay you back for all the booking fees that you wasted on him.
Oh no he loaned all his money to his brother so his borther whom is not in NEED of a car could buy him a second car to play with!! arrggh cuz yes I have asked for atleast a portion of the fees to be reimburst if not all. sometimes i hate people.

But my fiance is now ok with it or happy that we're not going to padre anymore, cuz that means we are going to spend the week in dallas with his parents and he gets to pick up his new trans-am instead of having it delivered to us. (like he needed anotehr one as well!!,all he does is total them in wrecks!!)

so in conlcusion with my recent experiences I realized taht men are complete and total idiots!!

and I love this saying at the moment. "god created man first, but created women second, and everything he creates is always better than the first. So in turn woman can live without men but men cannot live without women!" THIS is a proven fact haha.