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What are some dumb opinions you used to have (that make you cringe)?

Ball Masher

D is for Lysdexia
Okay, we all used to believe some stupid shit, and I'm sure I even posted some of it here when I was in middle school, but I want to know: what is something you used to proudly believe that you now realize was stupid on a game-changing level? For me:

-I used to think that bolt-on neck guitars as well as single coil pickups were inferior on every level. This led me to completely disregard Fender as a brand for years.

I have a far worse one that I'll share if this thread gets a few hits.
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Ball Masher

D is for Lysdexia
There were several days this summer when I landscaped all day only to go to a coffee shop for 2 hours and earn the same amount tutoring linear algebra. I guess that makes me light-blue collar.


Gimmie Pwnies
When I was in college, I was bright eyed and full of radical ideas.
The big debate at the time was legalization of gay marriage. My young mind immediately took it to the next level. Marriage is stupid! Down with the institution! It's all a scam put on by photographers to keep em in work anyways! So naturally, when a reporter from the school newspaper was wandering around the student quad I made sure to tell him -exactly- all that.
The next day my face was in the paper with a biiig ol shit eating grin and the caption "I don't believe that gay marriage is the answer" under it in the "community opinions" section.


How am I still alive
"I'm not like other girls" , I cringe everytime I think about it. It is true I had more boy friends than girl friends. But that's just because I didn't put in the effort in becoming friends with "those" girls. sheesh. I'm glad I somewhat quickly grew out of that one.

edit: This was I believe because after my dad died just before 7th grade so I became a bit stunted in social interactions(depression etc). Then in highschool my "best friend" cheated with my boyfriend. So I threw all girls (except the ones I knew from before) in one lump ie. where horrible people. I gladly paraded this to new girls at our parties but they how they "seemed okay". urgh.
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I once ate broccoli
I believed that my dad was cool, while he's a selfish, dumb, know-it-all, motherfucker. I don't hate him, he's my father after all, I hate the regards I used to hold, which I'm ashamed of.
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I used to want to fit in with others.

I thought even cussing before I was 18 disrespected my parents, so I didn't. You can imagine all the other things I didn't do out of fear of disrespecting them. I found out later on that my sisters did ecstasy and partied amongst other things, and I was too afraid to say "fuck" or even flirt with guys. :redface: :p


Silly Face!
When I was a teenager, I was homophobic. I didn't hate gay people or disrespect them. I had nothing against them, but I thought that if I said anything positive about gay people, I would be mocked, so I stayed silent about anything gay people. Thanks to the internet, I'm more open about homosexuality.
I thought that my dad never lied to me. And that only when you loved a girl, did you want to bang her. And of course, I thought love conquered all all the time.