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What Are You Excited For [2019--Present]


I realized that frequently, I am awaiting something I am very excited about, and I want to talk about it. Whether be an Amazon order, a new TV show, movie, game, etc. So you know the drill, drop a line about it here and feel free to discuss as well. This doesn't just have to be a one and done post.

I have a few things I am super excited for:
  • Shows
    • Man in the High Castle S4
    • The Expanse S4
    • Altered Carbon S2
  • Games and Consoles
    • The next Nintendo Switch
    • TLoZ: BOTW 2
    • TLoZ: Links Awakening Remake
What are you currently excited for?!

Edit: do not use this thread for stupid comments unrelated to someone’s reply or the original post. This thread is for what you’re excited for, nothing else. Do not use this post to find a crafty way to say you’re not excited for something.
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