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What Could This Strange Red Octagon With White Letters Possibly Mean!?


Yay fire!
One thing about this new apartment that I like, is that it has a pretty nice view of an intersection. "Who the fuck gives a shit about some dumbass intersection?" you might ask. Well, in the three weeks I've lived here, I've already seen five accidents at this particular intersection - and I'm not even home most of the time. Is it that damn hard for someone to obey a stop sign? I really wonder how these people manage to get their licenses sometimes. The stop signs at this intersection are very large and noticeable, yet I constantly hear screeching tires and wailing horns along with having seen those accidents.
The only reason for blowing a stop sign I can think of is because you are in a desperate hurry (rushing dying grandmother or wife in labor to the hospital or some shit) or if you don't see it. Maybe the bright red gleam of these stop signs temporarily blinded the dumbasses involved and caused them to lose control of their vehicles. Or, the more plausible explanation, is that people are just plain stupid. :thumbsup:
dustinzgirl said:
well, in my hometown, it means go faster, and if there are others in your way, fucking shoot them.
in my home town, if there's others in your way, run them over. if they don't get out of your way, that's their own stupid fault.


The Stranger Returns...
stop signs in my city means "rolling stop"....and then pulled over by a cop

stop signs and police everywhere...people are stupid for attempting it


:: What Ebonics ::
if somone is tailgating me...ill slow down to like 5mph...come to the stop sign...and stop for a good...5-7 sec....then they pass me and i give them the finger....ive got a car with decent then ill get on their ass....

Black Flame

Mayhem on the Loose
by the looks of it, it was an old lady driving the car, so that might serve as an explanation.
i live on a very busy sharp corner. there weren't stop signs there before and there were tons of accidents. i got woken up at 3 in the morning to screeching tires and twisting metal. it's lovely now that there's stop signs =D


The Stranger Returns...
yea it does look like some old lady..and almost like she didn't even notice, just has some blank stare...

oo and if you look real close, look behind those two walking that freak out, and into the car behind you can see that girl in the passenger side like screaming or something.....yea i paid too much attention to that photo, horrible stuff what ignorant people can do