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What did you get for Christmas?


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I had an OK Christmas, but I'm still depressed. I should work on that.

Fuck needing to pay big bills and having an uncertain future. I shouldn't worry, but I grew up with a family that was always anxious, and now I can't stop being anxious too.
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Wow, I was going to whine somewhere about depression not a taking a break for the holidays -- as I feel so freaking low and am coming off depression meds that don't do shit for me -- then I happened upon this thread and it honestly makes me feel better I'm not alone in dealing with this when everyone else is cheery. Maybe that's incredibly selfish but thank you for this. I'm really sorry ya'll are dealing with the same, though. :(

Edit: Sticking to the title of the thread -- I got a professional oil painting set, a beautiful backpack, some boots and some little bits and bobs.


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Fuck needing to pay big bills and having an uncertain future. I shouldn't worry, but I grew up with a family that was always anxious, and now I can't stop being anxious too.
Yep. I grew up with the same shit. Amazing how much of our parents bullshit transfers over to us.
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I got 2 t-shirts, and some money. The Fam's doing Christmas way late in the middle of January. For now I am one day into 7 day stretch at work.


I got a pair of khakis, new shower slippers, some fair trade shea butter deodorant, socks that don't fit me (will sell), and a bluetooth thing finder. I'm disappointed and I'd rather have gotten nothing. That's doesn't sound good, but it's how I honestly feel.


I got my dad a new cellphone + 100 pounds, my husband a vr headset for playstation that was around 300 pounds with the controllers and an art set, I got my sister an expensive bag an expensive paint set and makeup, my mom i got a Starbucks giftcard a necklace and face cleansing electronic brush. I've spent lots. And I've been working 50+ hours a week, more than anyone in my company, bosses included, to give my loved ones nice things because my parents always struggled around this time of year and I always want to give them as much as I can to show my appreciation. But it has only worsened my depression as I work with what feels like little to show for it.

So, no, I think it has nothing to do with people not explaining in great detail what they gave to others. Maybe it has a lot to do with the stress of expectations during this season and the focal point being material things that cost so much. Maybe that's why it's depressing. Not because we're subtly implied selfish assholes for not explaining what we gave.:shrug:
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Saturday afternoon was Christmas at my Dad's house. I was at work for 10 hours, so I got there late. They were cleaning up and washing dishes when I arrived but there was still plenty of food to eat. I had a plate and that was enough. Too tired to eat any more. It was nice to hang out for a bit with his wife's kids (and their others) and grandkids. My Dad gave me a card but I haven't opened it. He usually gives me a check that I never cash and some odds and ends like a Willie Nelson t-shirt or Ravens-related knick-knacks that his wife likely picks out for me. He said they didn't do any shopping this year and just gave out gift cards. I thought about buying him a bottle or three of bourbon and whiskey but I wasn't sure how well that might be received. Didn't matter because the liquor store was sold out of my favorite, anyway. Turns out he'd probably appreciate it and enjoy it, so I'll hook him up later.

Christmas at my Mom's new place with her husband and my grandmother. They sold their house and bought a 'cottage' at a retirement community about an hour up the road. Grandma has been living in a assisted living unit there for several years, now. She's 100 years old, blind as a bat but sharp as a tack. LOL And my Mom's husband is in his 90's with a bad back and can't walk very well. Other than that, he's good. Mom is 77 and fine. It's just that she couldn't possibly keep up with the yardwork and such. And it's a place to be in case there's a medical emergency (and there have been a couple in the past).

Anyway, we went out to eat at one of the dining establishments. It wasn't bad but it wasn't up to par, either. Grandma and Mom's husband didn't like it. Grandma is finnicky and Mom's husband is a gruff motherfucker who complains about anything and everything. People dislike him for that but he and I get along well. My Dad and his wife were in the area visiting his wife's brother, so they stopped in to see Grandma and check out Mom's new place in case they have a similar decision to make in the future. The human dynamics were subtle and friendly but interesting. It has been more than 25 years since my parents divorced but there is still some uncertainty and polar opposites. I love them all, though.

Mom put $500 in my bank account. She always gives me money and I tell her I don't want it. Tell her to write a check, instead. "Yeah and then you won't cash it. :( " Her current formula is $10 for every year I'm alive, so she rounded-up from $490. She sent me home with prescription strength patches and a gel/cream for my aches and pains. Her husband has a relatively cheap abundance of them through insurance. Not sure how and when to use them, as I don't always have constant pain.

It wasn't a gift, just something they didn't know what to do with. Mom's husband's son had health issues and tragically passed away, recently. He was in his early 70's and always looked healthy and hearty, looked at least 10 years younger. It's a pic/poster of John Lennon and it's beautifully framed. ~ 27" x 19"

I don't dislike The Beatles but I'm not a fan. Just sort of wondering who to give it to. I'm certainly NOT going to sell it. A solid internet friend might be my first choice. A local musician and teacher is a second choice. Another second choice is a local musician who would probably love it. Rest assured, it's gonna find a good home.