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What did you wish when you were a kid?

Jane Deere

CEO at Janer's Garage
Hubby and I are talking about random things and it got me thinking.. What is something you wished would happen as a kid that might be a bit off kilter??

Example: As a kid I used to wish that I'd have broken arms and legs so that I'd have to do literally NOTHING. I'd have to go to school in a wheel chair and everyone would have to do everything for me.
(I did not factor in things like someone having to wipe my ass...)

What did you wish??
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Spilly Talker
Did any of you have a normal childhood? All I wished for was more dinkies to play in the dirt with. Jesus christ you're all more depressing than a school shooting


Silly Face!
When I was a kid, I thought that I would live my own life, and my family would not act clingy and try to interfere with everything.
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