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What do you hate today [2017-2018]


Sorry to hear that, Rover. I hope you got some codeine or something to deal with the pain. Also, get yourself some Listerine or rinse your mouth out with salt water. Don't let that shit get infected
Yeah Scoot I'm rinsing 4 times a day, I took some painkiller on the first night but after there hasn't been much pain, I am just SO hungry.. I am going to try and eat some toast in a minute.. soup can go and fuck itself today
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Jane Deere

Mama Deere
I've had a migraine since Tuesday. On Thursday I went and got an IV with pain meds. Friday, I still felt like crap, so I filled the pain meds prescription they gave me. Today, I woke up ok. I even managed to have a fun filled day with my daughter and I managed to clean the house. But now, it's bed time. That thing is trying to take over again. I'm really done with hurting. Making a doc appointment Monday. Gotta figure this crap out!!


Roll me up and smoke me when I die.
I hate you fucking pot-smoking fucks ... making me all jealous and stuff. It's my day off and I'd like nothing more than to smoke a bowl with my morning coffee. :(


^ Hmmm... Jane was awarded that medal on January 6th, 2014. Checking the Booby Thread for posts around that date, I found the following:

Boo. :thumbsdn:
That's when the medal was created and awarded for prior postings for everyone on the site. I think the thread has been mostly sanitized since then. You know what they say, "you snooze you lose!"


Extracted the passenger side rear (#4) spark plug out of a friends Ford Expedition last night. It was the only one her mechanic couldn't get because its a bitch. Took about 2 1/2 hours. When I went to start the vehicle - no fucking key. I swear to god people, never give me or any other stoner your fucking car key. We will lose it and you will need to get your spare key. That's why we have keyless entry on our own rigs.

Problem is it takes a stoner to perform really difficult repairs because we're the only ones who have the patience to complete complex procedures that are required because of idiot engineers designing stupid as shit engines that are absolutely no improvement on old Ford (or Chevy) short block engines.

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