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What do you hate today [2019]


Silly Face!
I had a dream last night that I found myself wearing sandals with socks and all of my coworkers were laughing at me. In real life I have never even owned a pair of sandals. :shead:
A few nights ago I had a dream I went to my Aunt and Uncle's house. They were laughing and making fun of me for being a virgin. I got upset and started yelling at them.

In real life I am not a virgin, and they would never do anything like that.

Ryan McAury

Stop using the word "hate", it helps the world being a better place.
And stop abusing people you don't even know!
In my country we had a Viking kid animation, and one of the things Wikki said was... "Girlies are dumb!"
I reckon the kid was right.. :laugh:

And I don't like people who are blind, while they can see, speak bullshit while they could know the truth,
if they just used their brains.

Work ends when you are old and wise enough. đŸ†’
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How am I still alive
I'm so angry right now, why? I dont know. Just something fun my migraine prodrome does. Anger and sadness, my body is all tensed up and ready to beat the shit out of whatever.
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Silly Face!
This happened to me last night when I was getting ready to have sex with my boyfriend. I opened the drawer to get the lube out, and the bottle of lube was stuck sideways against all the other junk inside. I wedged my fingers underneath the bottle and squeezed it as I pulled it out, causing the cap to pop open and the lube to spill all over the carpet. We had to wipe up the carpet with paper towels, and thankfully it didn't stain. Thankfully this lube accident didn't ruin the night. I'm laughing now, but last night I was frustrated and just wanted my lube!
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