what do you hate


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if you have joined this thread then good job. just post all the shit that you hate and wish would not exist any more, be it minority groups, liberals, conservatives, or life just post it.


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slow driving old people
the preppy stores at the mall
the preppy kids at the mall
whiny children
dumb teachers
stop signs
defective computers


Banned - What an Asshat!
whitepow3r said:
if you have joined this thread then good job. just post all the shit that you hate and wish would not exist any more, be it minority groups, liberals, conservatives, or life just post it.

You. And a few others. Car dealers who lie. People who can not drive for shit. But mainly, you. dont take it personally, I hate everybody.


The Common Man. I hate The Common Man because he votes our healthcare and education into the gutter. I hate The Common Man because he falls for the fear-politics perpetrated by certain parties in our government. I hate The Common Man because when interviewed in the streets he will invariably make uninformed, xenophobic, nationalist redneck statements that will end up in The Common Man Newspaper and infect even more Common Men with their bigoted views. I hate The Common Man because he is solely driven by consumption and infects all aspects of culture with his lowest common denominator market profile. I hate The Common Man because he feels the compulsive need to crank out lots of Little Common Men that overpopulate our small country, yet still has the fucking nerve to say Foreign Common Men should be kicked out of the country for praying to Allah instead of his Common god. I hate The Common Man because he ventures out of his Common Town to Las Vegas only to shop or to get wasted and flood the streets during Independence Day, then bitches about this beautiful town being an ugly shithole full of scary immigrants for the other 350 days a year. But most of all I hate The Common Man because he is so fucking Common, because there are fifteen million of Him.

p.s. I'm not sure about hate, but I strongly dislike the op.(I just noticed that he's banned:p )


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I hate moving... it sucks! I am the only one that could manage to get this week off from everything so that means that i am dong all the moving for my parents.. i have a little toyota truck that im barrowing and a hour drive there and then another hour back... ahhh so much grr thats what i hate!


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I hate the creationists who claim that there are no missing links to prove evolution. WTF?! Ever hear of austrolapithicus? Homo habilus? Homo erectus? Neandratalls? Cro magonons? Thats all of the species of human that led up to homo sapiens sapiens.


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whitepow3r said:
if you have joined this thread then good job. just post all the shit that you hate and wish would not exist any more, be it minority groups, liberals, conservatives, or life just post it.
Things that piss me off, in no particular order:

1. Skinny dipshits who constantly threaten to kick my ass.

Yeah, try it pussy. See below if you brought friends.

2. Skinny dipshits who expect their friends to fight for them after running their mouths.

You'll look funny stuck up your friend's ass. Have you made your peace with God? Well, he doesn't exist, so you're fucked.

3. Women who tease.

Do it or don't, there is no in-between and there is no stopping once the train is on the tracks. If you do, great. If you don't, then don't act like you do.

4. Lawyers.

Money-grubbing ghouls whose occupation it is to siphon a livelihood off of human misery. We'll start the cleansing of the world with these fuckers and move on to career politicians.

5. People on the same road as me.

Because the dumbasses can't drive and won't get out of my freakin' way. I commute 38 miles one way and I swear I'm going to lose it one of these days.

6. Career politicians.

You know, the assholes like the Kennedy family who have been raised from birth to be politicians. Because the law can no longer be understood by the common man. See lawyers, above.

7. My neighbors.

Because they are either hillbilly dumbasses who have as much class as a piece of dogshit or because they are young punks who park their cars in my way and cop an attitude when their mommy tells them to move. See item one with regards to having your ass handed to you.

8. Teenagers.

For angst and your constant, droning mantra consisting of "ihateschoolmylifesucksithinki'llcommitsuicidei'llk ickyourasswhydon'tyoulikemeblahblahblah." Fucking get over it. Read my other posts about this subject.

9. Ex-military and wannabes who talk about all the secret missions they went on.

Because they didn't. The closest most of these dumbasses got to combat was the condiment fight they had in the mess hall in their pussy, low-stress version of basic training. Being a supply clerk in Germany during Desert Storm does not qualify you for a combat service ribbon, pal. Those of us who actually fought (like in Kosovo, Bosnia, and Somalia, fucker) would like nothing more than to gouge out your eyes and skull-fuck you in front of your fat-ass mom. Hold my beer, leg, while I kiss your girlfriend. Pussies.

10. People who think that tattoos make them badasses.

Because they aren't and tattoos aren't scary. They're not even particularly painful. If you want a tattoo, fine. Get one and shut the fuck up. Don't trot around like you're bulletproof. If it hurt when you got it, it's going to hurt when I kick your ass.

11. People who think they can play guitar better than I.

You can't, so stop trying asshole.

12. People who won't drink my beer.

I worked a long time to get the recipes right, so drink it, fucker. If you like to drink that rice-brewed horse piss you call beer, do it at home. Don't expect me to stock my fridge with it so that the only person who drinks it, you, won't have to strain his tastebuds with a real beer. Pansy. If it tastes heavy, your tongue needs exercise.

13. Ganstas

Because they're fucking annoying and their music sucks. Pull your pants up and get off your fucking cell phone.

14. People who talk on their cell phones while driving.

You're driving too slow and you're weaving because you are too stupid to talk on the phone without using your free hand to gesture, even though the person on the other end can't see your wild gesticulations. Pull over or hang up, but get the Hell out of my way.

15. Wannabe potheads.

If you don't do drugs, don't pretend that you do. Don't pretend to be stoned when you're not. No one cares if you do and it's not cool to pretend, so stop you little oxygen thief.

16. People who don't know when to shut the fuck up.

My fat-ass brother-in-law fits into this category. Everything that pops into his head immediately falls out of his mouth. He's a dumbass. Don't be a dumbass. Shut the fuck up.

17. Internet poser-assholes.

These are the people who are real shitheads in forums but who are totally different in person because they know that being an asshole IRL (in real life) might just land them a real-time punch in the mouth.

18. Men who spend as much time on their hair and appearance as women.

You're a man, even though you're a Nancy-boy. You're supposed to be hairy, chicks dig the weathered look, and your hair is fine. Now, get in the scrum so I can kick your ass. Chicks dig scars, too.

19. Missionaries.

Man, don't get me started about these assholes. Wait, too late. Convert me? No, convert you. Let me tell you about that collection of poorly-written narrative you hold so dear. It didn't happen and the translation you use was butchered to suit King James' tastes. Now, get the Hell off my lawn.

20. People who think "gay" is "in."

It's not. It is fine to be gay. So, you're gay. Great. Rock on. It is not cool to be gay, any more than it is cool to be straight. That's just how you are. You don't get special treatment nor an award. Gay is not for everyone, especially heterosexuals, so piss off and don't expect us to be bi-curious.

There's a lot more, but 20 ought to be enough to start a holy war.


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dustinzgirl said:
I didnt make rons list. damn. I never make any ones lists. fuck you guys.
You're on my lists of women to put the moves on, after their husband kicks the bucket. :thumbsup:


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Strangely enough, Max, you're on mine.

Things that piss me off:

People who make plans and continually break them at the last minute

My stupid Digital Camera, which for some reason chose today to not work

Everything... my day was shit, and has continued to be shit.



People who blindly follow anything, wether it be religion or political groups... god damn people who cant think for themselves.


ppl who take advantage of me, guys who do cat calls and call women things like bitch and cunt, slow drivers, fish of any kind weather it be cooked or raw, most sea food, living at home, screaming kids in stores (take them home already!) not getting invited to one of ur "friends" parties, and little fucks who think they own the world. I think that's about it. May come up with more later though.

added: oh yeah, and HUNTING! Death to hunting and waking me up in the early morning.


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ppl who take advantage of me, guys who do cat calls and call women things like bitch and cunt, slow drivers, fish of any kind weather it be cooked or raw,

i thought the bold text was all one rant about what guys call women....sorry no offense but i thought it was hillarious on the first pass.

Things i hate, overly negative people (ahem...ron), jung's "common man" was spot-on..hate em....i hate the way white people run their mouth about minorities when no one is around and then a black guy shows up and its like "yo, word yo, that shit was mad tight son!!!" ....people who strive so hard to be different that any popular opinion becomes wrong....people who think any music on the radio is shitty.....any music on the radio....morning wood....starting to dislike carrots, but its not warranted yet....i'll keep you posted.