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What do You Want that's Impossible to Buy?


This is a thread you can come to once in a while to vent about something you want, but doesn't come easily or cheap.

For me, I want the 2001 BMW M3 GTR that raced in the American Le Mans.

Even if I were a wealthy man, it would still be hard to find. If I did, however, and I could buy it, I'd make it street legal and make it my sorta daily, sorta weekend driver.
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Sniper Wolf
I miss a lot of toys I played with when I was a kid, that I no longer have. My old teddy bears. Some toy cars including a generic one I got from a Wendys kids meal. A toy rifle that popped out the bullets when shot. I do occasionally see a toy sometimes on eBay with the price jacked way up. :mad:

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