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What does she think ?? :S


get a life - she says -
Well I like one girl for more than 8 months now. We had something in beginning but something strike her mind and she decided to break up. Now I can’t get over her. We steal are best friends and I mean like we always chat on MSN together. Yeah I know that that’s no relationship only chatting on MSN. That’s because she is a bit shy. But last time she admitted she loved me in the last 7 months ( loved me like for 2 weeks and than again not and than she loved me again( really confusing)). Now I see she again likes me but I don’t know for sure also I don’t know if it is seriously. And I ask for your opinion what to do. Few things are what I can’t do like forget her or find somebody else ( both I already tried )


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You don't speak English very well, do you?

Well, my advice is to go to first next time and translate from your language to ours.

Now that I've gotten that out of the REAL advice. I'd straight up tell her how you feel. Now, this is always one of those touchy situations. Since she's pretty shy, you need to be kind and considerate of her emotions; don't overwhelm her with your 'dying love' for her. I'd say in this case it's actions that will REALLY speak to her. Do stuff for her, maybe buy her presents or take her out to dinner...something like that.

I hope all goes well with your quest for success in the ladies' department. Remember to take it easy and don't rush things or they won't ever develop.


get a life - she says -

Well thanx for advise. I already do a lot of things for her but mostly she doesn’t except them. But that’s no problem any more. I’m willing to tell her how I feel today cause she already told me that she does feel something for me. Now I will just ask her if it is seriously what she meant yesterday.

About that site you told me, well it’s not really in any help because it makes it even worse :p

And no I’m not Asian I’m actually from Slovenia (a very little country right below Austria close to Italy) but I live in the Netherlands (I live there about 3 years now)

I’m srry for my English It’s been a long time since I last spoke English.


I'm just really nice.
Eh, your English isn't all that bad. For the most part, it's readable.