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What if Nazi Germany Won WW2?

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I was wondering the other day what the world would be like to day if the Third Reich constructed the nuclear bomb first and won World War Two. Do you think that the Nazis could have crushed America after they conquered all of Europe and then Africa? What would then happen if they did indeed defeat the Americans? Would the Nazis attack China? And if so, would they defeat the Chinese? This is basically a question of if the Nazis could have dominated the world. I think they might have been able to conquer the world but I want to know everyone else's opinion as well.



They couldn't have done it.

1) Their technology wasn't innovative enough. Their system wasn't very stimulating to study physics.. ;)
They had the advance of building a lot of hardware in preparation for a war, while other nations sat at their asses.

Main cause of their stupid mistakes was typical for a dictatorship.
The Führer decided what to develop, so a lot of energy was wasted in the wrong direction. Thank God for that.

2) Their military strategy was blitzkrieg, which means a fast advance, but they did have trouble to occupy a vast area.
They simply didn't have enough manpower for that. Main reason was they alienated the local people. Look at the problem the Americans have in Iraq.
The Romans succeeded because they did offer something in exchange for the Pax Romana. The Germans had a ideology that was the opposite of that.
The brutal murdering of people made them vulnerable for partizan attacks.
If Germany had won, it would have taken at least three generations living in peace to colonize the major part of Russia, but that would have been impossible because of the resistance they caused themselves.

3) The nazi's lost the war in Russia. I still wonder why Hitler attacked the Soviet Union. That was his fatal mistake. What few know, is that the Soviets still had a huge army in the east to pin down the Japaneese forces over there. They could have given up all land west of the Ural without endangering the existance of the Soviet Union as a military power.

4) The German fleet was a complete failure. They never developped an effective airplane carrier, like the Japanese did.
Battleships were obselete already in 1918.
The Uboats were an effective attack weapon, but couldn't tip the power scale. I still wonder why the Americans didn't send CV's to the Atlantic, it proves the Americans didn't see the Germans as a real threat anyway.
The American policy was to let the Russians and Germans finish eachother off.

5) The "wunderwaffe" V1 and V2 were a huge waste of energy, technology and materials. They didn't accomplish any military success.
The bombing raids on England didn't either.
On the other hand, the Allied bombing raids on Germany did neither.
It also did cost more effort on the Allied side to build the Bombing squads, then they caused havock to the enemy.
The bombers were an idea from the early 1920's, where they got nice results against mainly defenceless areas. The British in their colonies, and the Germans in Spain. (Guernica)
The bombing of Rotterdam by the Germans in may 1940 also was an outright stupidity. It damaged the German logistics for a campaign against the British.
It proves the nazi's (Hitler) didn't follow a plan. He acted in the heat of the moment.


RedOctober...He's saying hypothetically if they did create it first...not, "Could they have created it?"

So, using the skimming technique, the rest of your post really has nothing to do with it =)

He's asking what it would be like today...

Me, I have no idea. I just had to bitch at Red for not reading the question or whatever... <_<


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Dude, awaken ur avatar is Sorry to derail, but I was just reading all over this and I couldnt keep my eyes off it. Thanks for givin me nightmares now :p


@ Awaken...

When are you awaken? :rolleyes:


It's useless to tell what happened IF the Germans HAD won the war.
They didn't, and they couldn't.

For heavens sake..

They HAVE won a few battles ,in the same way President Bush has got the US Army shovelling some dirt in Iraq, saying he won the war.
But the point is that the Europeans cq the Iraqi's did not, and do not agree with that.

If the Germans would have won the war, their system would have broken down in a short while anyway.


Another hypothetical matter is, that the nazi's have won, in the way several of them escaped to the USA, and had influence in the military and space program. Also in the field of secret services and propaganda.
Names like Henri Kissinger, Rumsfeld and other are German.

The way Bush has taken control over America is such, that Hitler would have been proud of him.

If you want to know what the world would be if the nazi's would have won..
Look at the world now.. They have won. :bomb:


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Actually, some of the greatest scientific minds of that era hailed from Germany, so it is extremely feasible that they could have destroyed us, however, the environment in which scientists were forced to work under is why many left.


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If nazis had created the a-bomb before us, they probably would have used it numerous times. I mean, it's not like they cared the well-being of other people...and yes, they would have conquered africa, becuase, face it, there's not much to conquer. They also would have defeated china, since their military tactics at that time were out dated. (outdated = bonzai charge)


The point is Albert Einstein and others left Germany because they didn't like the nazi ideology. And the ones that stayed behind were nearly clueless.
If you look at the enormous effort the Amerians had to undertake to build a-boms, the Germans wouldn't be able to accomplish the same thing in a garage or something. Even today third world countries can't develop a-bombs in a jiffy.

About the Germans attacking China..
They would have to beat the Russians to get to China.
It wouls be difficult to attack from the north west, so they had to go from the north. Or from the east, using a gigantic fleet while they couldn't even set foot on British soil. :rolleyes:

But it seems the German power is overestimated in the USA to glorify the rather small effort of the USA against the Germans. ;)

There is one hypothesis that the Allied Forces in Brittain only attacked in Normandy when it became obvious they had to be swift or the Russians would have swept the Germans out of Europe, and the British and Americans only would have had Britain.

The Russians would have gotten control over the continent, but they would face the same problems in the long run as the Germans would have had.

So, it doesn't matter much.


To say that Nazi Germany wasn't innovative enough to win is a fallacy. The only reason our technology was any better than theirs is because we had the vast monetary resources to pour into the war effort. Hitler, however, thought outside the box and not only tried to perform experiments on humans, he poured significant resources into develop 'killing technology'. His military was one of the most disciplined and well trained of the time, and if you're going to say that they didn't know what they were doing, militarily, allow me to point some things out.

Blitzkrieg wasn't just aobut 'attack fast', it was a paradigm shift in how mechanized armor and infantry were used to support each other on the battlefield. Up until the Germans stormed across Europe, other countries used their armored tanks in direct support of their foot-infantry, which meant that the mechanized units would travel at the same rate of speed as the foot-mobile units as they advanced as a group. The German concept became to use the infantry in direct support of the armored divisions - placing them in (or on) the tanks in order to travel faster. The Allies had a great deal of difficulty adjusting to this shift in tactics.
We (the military) credit Germany with the advent of what we now refer to as maneuver warfare, as opposed to what the world in general practiced, or attrition-style warfare. The German approach was to strike at critical weaknesses in the enemy lines rather than simply exchanging bullets across a field. Many times this meant striking supply lines or even something as simple as a unit's water supply...a method that was at once more effective and inherently less risky. Changing the way the world views strategy is not something easily done.
Many of the military opinions about Germany that I've read in this thread are valid, but the people voicing those opinions sound only half-informed.

Oh, and as to the ORIGINAL topic, what if they had?
Shit...can you imagine it? Just the realization that Hitler would never have stopped at the Jews should preclude any 'what if' scenarios. He didn't want to rule the world...he wanted to cleanse it.


I think that there would be more stricker laws for the jews or there wouldn't be no jews left.


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Let's imagine then.

They win WW2. They exterminate everyone not "ideal" over the next 20 years. They have peace for a few years before turning on themselves. They exterminate themselves.

The rats evolve over hundreds of thousands of years into the next sentient species.


there is no way the third reich could've lasted longer than it did.

there were too many acts of sabotage against the nazis by resisters, and the former occupied countries were no longer blind to the tyranny of the regeime

basically it was a really bad nightmare that simply had to end.


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I think Len Deighton wrote a book on that basis....I might be wrong, but I am sure it was called SSGB


First off nazi germany were dumb fucks for enganging multi-fronts with russians french all those poeple and two they had japanese on there side.
Idiots :( I dont think there woulda been a WW2 if are nations language had been german instead of english.


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see 'The man in the high castle' by R.Heinline
N.A. get split in half by the germans and the japanese...


lexicon incognito
they would have done it in europe if they didn't create a two-front war. historians are pretty much in agreement on that one, anyway.

but check this out: it didn't happen and i don't care.

you can't beat that logic.