What is it about Cisco and women? (from another forum)


So I found this post on another forum I frequent, and it not only struck home, but is very accurate. So I pose the same question to you, what is it about Cisco and women? I know Max has previously commented on this subject, so I was wondering what the rest of you Cisco nuts have to say.

Hello, fellow goons.

At my job as an important business person in the booming industry of Information Technology, I have noticed an interesting trend, and have come to you for clarification and possibly advice.

You see, I work with selling IT, specifically IT Infrastructure Projects. That means, that I meet a lot of people from customers, clients, vendors, partners and so forth. These are all very nice people, but one company in particular is special - Cisco Systems.

Now, Cisco Systems is a large company, known for producing lots of boxes with many plugs and lights, but there's something odd about this company, something you'll quickly notice when working with them:
No matter what Cisco employee I'm having a meeting with, no matter the rank, geography, or job function, employees at Cisco are all, with very few exceptions, extremely hot females.

Our Cisco account manager at my previous employer was a single woman in her late twenties, very cute face and boobs as huge as... Well, she was a very pretty girl. Our internal Cisco manager at my new employer is an attractive blonde with a passion for aerobics and bodytoning. Again, the huge chest is impossible to overlook. And the list goes on and on. It's not just employees at Cisco, anyone working at Cisco partners are hot too.

So I ask you, Internet people, how can this be? Why does hot females get mysteriously drawn to the organisation that is Cisco Systems Inc.? Or do Cisco only hire attractive females with well-developed chest features?

And finally, feel free to post if you have similar experiences.


The Iron Lung
itz b3cAuSe Cisco b3 sinG1nGiNG da Th0ng S0ng.

it sounds like an awesome marketing idea...big tities with a Cisco nametag on them.