What is your 'rona routine?

Dark Fader

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Since our lives have dramatically changed, what is your new 'normal'?
Are things just the same - hermetically sealed off from society, or are you dealing with a new way of life?
Side Note: Los Angeles has the cleanest air in the World at the moment due to lack of vehicular transport. Our climate is indirectly improving.
Doesn't a part of you not want society to lose this way of life? Millions of animals bred for slaughter live another day.

01 - Get up @ 8am - Tickle the fiance awake until she loses all bodily functions and smacks me in the face
02 - Shower/Coffee
03 - Check a few emails to say that I actually 'worked'
04 - Watch the Food Network until we find something amazing to cook up. Patiently spend the next 2 hours re-creating our culinary dream.
05 - Play DOOM
06 - Vape on some THC oil
07 - Play more DOOM
08 - Help the fiance with a computer issue; working remotely
10 - Educate the fiance on another great 90's film she missed out on
11 - Hit the sack by midnight or so.
12 - Goto 01

I haven't ordered any fast food since this whole thing struck and have lost 10 lbs in the process.
So many new benefits, but definite new adjustments have been made; for the better in my opinion.

What about you, what is your routine?
How has your life changed?
I am interested. - and full on 100% respect if you are homeless, living on the streets, and trying to get through this alive.
I feel lucky to have a stable roof over my head, and some income.
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Critical Update Notification Tool.
I'm fortunate enough to be in an essential industry which allows me to go in to the office and spend as much time working there as humanly possible. However, its a 4 day Easter long weekend here in Australia. so mine is as follows:

1)6:30am wake up
2) hold internal debate as to weather it's too early to get up as i'll be done with chorin' by 8.
3)get up at 7
4)clean. do washing, potter around the apartment finding things to clean that I probably cleaned a few days ago. Make my bed.
5) coffee, either from the house or the coffee shop across the road that is still functioning.
6) get showered, and dressed for a normal day.
7) research food to cook.
8)decide on what I'll be cooking (today is a ragu, as well as a chicken parm (parmie or parma, here) recipe i've been playing around with.
9) go to my local market.
10) return home, read and tidy my room.
11) start cooking
12) sit in front of my computer debating on how to be productive, tossing up between reading, practising piano or writing.

It's only day 2 of 4 and i spent most of yesterday afternoon drinking on zoom with my baseball teammates which i'll be doing again this evening.
I thank my lucky stars i have an office that has bugger all people in it. I couldn't think of anything worse than having to work from home.


Social Distancing Warrior
I live alone. I am unemployed. I have no friends, at least none that I have seen in person yet this year. The biggest change I have experienced is that grocery stores are out of items more often and they are not putting much on sale.

Suck it, extroverts!
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i already did nothing and barely left the house because im a piece of a shit and afraid of the world
if anything i go out more often now because i banned my mom from going anywhere for herself
maybe coronavirus will help fix my social anxiety
i always felt nervous to use cards to pay for things in case i did something wrong, but i was able to transition, thanks covid


Stay safe and fuck off
6 AM Get up.
Triage emails.
A bit of XBox.
8 - 8:30 AM Start work.
at some point go upstairs and plug in when I need more monitors.
5 PM quit.
Throw dead animal components on the grill.
A mix of relax and more work.