What Made You Poop Today?


Lovely and deadly
Funny and true story! I was driving home and had intense diarrhea. I didn't want to go home and destroy the bathroom, so I pulled over at the park. There were some parties going on, and a bunch of kids running around playing in the water area. I rushed towards the bathrooms in desperation, holding in my poop. I was worried that it would be busy inside, but it was mostly empty.

I took the biggest stall, which had a long piece of shitty toilet paper in front of the toilet, but I kept my composure. I sat down on the toilet. People were talking, and the loud air dryers were going off. I took the opportunity of all this noise, and took my explosive shit so nobody could hear me.

I wiped and flushed, only for the flush to fail. The shitty brown water kept spiraling and rising, until it stopped about 3/4 of the way. I didn't want to get busted, so I tried to look through the crack between the stall and door, but there was none. I listened to see if anybody was there, but it was just silence, so I walked out and washed my hands.