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What made you smile today? [2017-2019]


How am I still alive
you people are so dark
Hey, the world is coming to an end. Humor has to go a bit darker to get us through this. Those who care can’t do enough and those who can, won’t.

Whales filled with plastic (equivalent to 8plastic bags in your own stomach), microplastics fucking up even the smallest sealifes( in the deepest of the mariana trench, sealife are eating plastic equivalent to 1m of rope) The world is heating up, in 25years england will be without fresh water, certain places in the world will not be livable because of the heat. Wars over nothing and everything, left vs. right, tribalism is spiraling out for the benefit of the rich. Antivaxxers bringing back deadly horrible diseases because of misplaced mistrust. Echo chambers of your own voice bounced back from anonymous faces strengthening ignorance. We are all connected but people have never felt lonelier.
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How am I still alive
Oh no, did I kill the thread with my pessimistic rant?

Today, what made me smile was Nico giving freya a piece of carrot, just for her to spit it right out and walk away from him. She’s such a sassy bitch.


^ :mad: (We need a "This Makes Me Angry" rating.)
It's a report on an investigation. No different than any other that's performed by law agencies across the country every day. In America, the whole presumption of innocence thing is supposed to work for everyone. The only way the Mueller report is going to be bombshell material is if it comes out that Mueller would have had enough to indict, but chose not to because consensus says you can't indict a sitting President. The fact that the indictments haven't netted anyone in the 'collusion circle' who isn't the President probably means that nothing else will happen.

During the Starr/Whitewater/Paula Jones/Monica Lewinsky investigation, Clinton lied during testimony, and that's what got him impeached. Trump hasn't testified about anything. The White House has made a great show about how, depending on which way the wind blows, the words and actions of the current President are either policy or not depending on what they verify or don't, after the fact.

This is Trump's Benghazi and the e-mail 'scandal'. Shit happened, but who can say, much less prove, that any of it actually happened because of any singular cheeto-faced-serial-cheating-mysogonistic-liar-serially-bankrupt-autocrat-loving-President.


^ Agree completely, however ChCop still wants to display his anger, in a variety of subjects and contexts. I can't wait to see his disapproval manifested in an anger emogerator to tell me that "Gollly He's Pissed". It beats the shit of @53V3N's page-long rants of yore, against any pitiful infraction of his personal standards.

n3v35 ti kcus
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upgrading my big topper and quarterback to a two, unlocking the down-in-one and shooting the shit with my golf clan mates
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