What made you smile today? [2020-2021]


The Pizza-Slinger
After all the miles and all the years, I've finally made contact with my birth family. Going to see my little brother for the first time on Sunday.

The goose bumps are real!
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Roll me up and smoke me when I die.
I'm liking this warmer weather. My body feels better with less aches and pains. And I was in an unusually good mood today.
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The Original Fuck You Bomb
My dogs and cat..
who hate each other most of the time, but decided to be close knit pals while they all camped out with me on the electric blanket.
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From appaled to applauding, controversy.
For years I have been saying that it is stupid to tie health insurance to your job. Like you must be healthy enough to work a full time job to deserve health care. Where is the logic in that? What if you cannot work because you are sick? We do not depend on our employers for other types of insurance. Recently, both Seth Meyers and John Oliver have alluded to this stupidity, so I am glad that this issue may finally come into greater public discussion.

Years ago, my former therapist told me the reason employers in the USA began offering health insurance was a result of World War II. During that time when so many people were fighting the war, companies had a hard time finding workers. They began luring employees from other companies by offering more pay, so Congress passed a law to freeze wages. However, they left a glaring loophole by not freezing benefits. So employees began offering health insurance to entice workers. Unfortunately, this remnant of World War II is still with us today. As beneficial as the Affordable Care Act has been to millions of Americans, it has further deepened employers' roles to providing health insurance. I agree with Bernie Sanders that this nation needs government funded universal healthcare, but I also know that it will not happen over night or without compromise. It will need to be done in steps and the federal government will probably have to buy out the health insurance companies.
Privatise the profitable, centralise the failures. Money, money, money.

What made me happy today? Not crumbling under the pressures of work. Felt good giving the proverbial finger to the powers at be. Finally my experience sang through saying there is another way. I plan to follow the advice. :) Dunno about you guys, but one too many times I've been trapped by my own self-imposed limitations. Not saying I'm the buddha or anything, but neither am I saying I'm a ripe ass waiting to be fucked.