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What the fuck is wrong with me?

Lately, I've been getting dizzy spells.

OK, I've only gotten 2 in the past week. For no reason. Both times happened after I've been sitting down for a while. Then, when I stood up, I'd almost fall.

They'd last for a few hours before finally going away.

I know my sister used to get those a lot. Except hers were a lot worse and usually ended up with her puking her guts out and/or laying comatose on the couch for a few hours.

I hope that's not what's happening to me.:happysad:


hmm, that sounds normal...atleast to me. they happen to me every now and then but the last only a few minutes, i never thought it could be a problem
This happens to me periodically as well, almost to the point of me passing out sometimes. It might have something to do with low blood pressure; you're sitting down, relaxing, heart rate is all slow and that, and by standing up quickly, all the blood in your head plummets to your feet. Just try to stand up more slowly.


*sarcastic look*
I get those too, after sitting for a long time.. usually after reading or using the computer, but mine goes away after a few minutes. I just put up with them, cause I can't think of any way to make them stop.:happysad:
yea, its mostly likely low blood pressure from sitting down for a long period of time, all the blood is at you lower body, so when you stand up quickly, theres not enough blood in the brain, so you feel dizzy/lightheaded.. check your blood pressure sometime, and or stand up slower.. if your blood pressure is constantly low, see your doctor...


See a doctor if it happens anymore. I have blacked out 27 times in my life from simple things like hitting my head on a bench. It runs in the family but, getting dizzy spells is a different thing because it deals with the heart which can't be good and if it gets bad enough you might have to have surgery. Which isn't all that good. So i suggest you see a doctor before it gets bad and to see if you have anything wrong with you. :thumbsup:


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I had a really bad case of that this Summer. It came down to everytime I sat down and got up, I'd have a massive headache and want to sit back down. But, that Summer was a really stressful time and I was only eating one small meal a day and a few hours of sleep. I stopped getting them so often after I started eating and sleeping more though.
one time,i fell off a cliff on my bike and was dizzy for half an hour, and everything be blurry and spots popping everywhere. and then i passed out and woke up later in a hospital with 16 broken bones and fractures.
If you have been using any of these drugs, crack, crank, ice, meth or EX. Then these spells are most likely from that, when I went on my Exo spree I had alot of those dizzy spells you were talking about and so did my friends. Also, I still get them from time to time when I sit down and get up too quickly.