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What the fuck is wrong with women?

Ive had this girl for like 10-11 months. In the last few months i had suspected she was either cheating on me, getting bored with me, or both. Everytime i brought this up she would wig the fuck out on me.

She has no parents. Mom died when she was like 6, never knew her dad. Shes in school. Needless to say, shes broke and has zero resources. In the past 11 months, ive been helping her out with occasional money, support through the hard times when it seemed like all her ''friends' hated her, use of my car.. Shit like that.

She had even said to me one night "Chris, if you were serious, got down on one knee and everything.. i would probably marry you."

So, sounds healthy? Nope. Just another whore in a reeeeeaally good diguise.

I broke up with her after a long heated argument about her not calling me. She would go out until 5am on campus and i wouldnt get a call until the next morning. I went on vacation to New York, and didnt get ONE phonecall the entire time i was up there... And on top of all of this, i began to think she was cheating on me with her neighbor, who she had recently been disappearing with for hours on end.

I thought i was just being the typical, paranoid asshole boyfriend. So i backed off and let her live, just hoping that she really loved me. We had sex a little while after, and she actually felt loose. It grossed me out so much i had to stop, i nearly lost it, but gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Well, after a WEEK of not hearing from her, i decided to end it. Her last words were "whatever, youl be sorry."

Earlier today, i come to find out that one of my BEST FRIENDS got drunk, and started talking to my best friend Brad about... Things. Turns out he and my girlfriend fucked around and probably had sex, naked, in a pool about 2-3 months ago. I also found out about 30 minutes ago that LAST NIGHT (we broke up a week ago) she hooked up with her neighbor, the very person i had suspected her to be cheating on me with.

What the fuck is wrong with people? I cannot even FATHOM how someone could stoop so low as to FUCK his friends GIRLFRIEND and patronize and act buddy-buddy for MONTHS about it and be FINE with it. How could a women stoop so low as to take someone who is totally committed to do ANYTHING for her, and whom she has confessed the willingness to MARRY and just totally and completely FUCK him over? This has happened to me THREE FUCKING TIMES, and to my best friend Brad twice.

I dont understand. Im fighting with myself because i simply dont understand. Am i the only one who was raised to KNOW that you just DONT fuck your friends girlfriend? Or how about the whole "dont cheat on your partner" thing?

Im so fucking sick of people. Im about to go boondock saints on everyone i know.


Sounds like your ex might be a closet skank. Being cheated on sucks. Happend to myself when my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years slept around. The thing you gotta realise is that everyone deserves faithfulness. That is the barest foundation of a monogomous relationship. I figure if a person wants to sleep around, then s/he should break up with their current partner before doing so. People who cheat are scum, and it really sounds like you deserve better.


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Cheating is bad. Sorry for you bud.

If you have permission to cheat though, it's not so bad. Rare, but precious, is that gift.
Not for me. 3some? Not cheating. However if my girl told me "you can go have sex with whomever you want", i would assume shes telling me that as an excuse to fuck someone she really wanted to fuck, thus making her a whore, resulting in me telling her so and breaking up with her.


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Mekka> with her backround, it sounds more likely she needed you as a parent and not her boyfriend. I'm sure she did care about you but she never did have a father or a mother and you were taking care of her like a parent would. Not that she was intentionally using you, but she'd never be a girl you could marry with how she saw you. You were a good daddy to her. A daddy with benefits mind you... but that's what you were. When father's aren't around, girls find someone to take their place, a boyfriend who will take care of them like a father would. You gave her money like a daddy would and let her use your car like a daddy would. You told her right from wrong while giving her space to make her own decisions. A daddy would do that too...although sex usually isn't a part of it for a daddy, you were also her boyfriend so she did get a little use out of you as a boyfriend too. You were her source of affection, attention, money, discipline, and a home. She didn't call you because she was out with her "boyfriend". Girls don't usually call their fathers when they are out with their "boyfriend". Heck, you might not approove of her man so why should she get your approval as her dad? She may not have been having sex with the guy, although I'd guess that she was, but she didn't really see you as her boyfriend so she might not have truly understood that she was actually cheating or doing something wrong.


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dude your not the only one trust meeeeeee...i've been cheated on in every relationship i've had (about 14 of em) every one of them did somethign to cheat.....but the way you gotta see it as its that they deserve worse then what you gave them and you deserve better....I saw it that way and i've gotta beautiful girlfriend who is loyal to me(well as far as i know) but I trust her no matter whats said or what i hear....If i can do can....and i'm only 19 bro....I've been through all the excuses,all the cop outs,all the supposed "guy friends" who are only like i said it can be done not every girl is like that....took me 14 of them to figure that out man....just go out and meet new girls or hell even people...doesn't matter..just dont like anger run your'll be better me....


"All women are whores."

I've been sayin' that shit to your mother for YEARS now! Maybe now she'll believe me.


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Sorry you've dealt with serious shiz, but atm you seem to be overwhelmingly bitter. Have fun getting another woman with that outlook. I've been finding the opposite to be true. That men tend to be sex mongrels, walking around with their heads up their asses waiting for the next sweet fuck.
Gosh, I'm bitter too. Either way, You've had bad luck and should resort to killing spree.


Alot of women are the fucking same mate, I've had shit like this happen to me before, you just gotta pull ya finger outta ya ass and move on, someday, everyone will find someone right for them, well, I fucking hope so.
Yea, shit happens, I feel bad everytime I read about stuff like this because I know how it feels and I know it is horrible. Try not to let it keep you down to long. Btw, a friend isn't a friend if he sleeps with your GF.


I hope you die slow.
Not all girls are like that! Your ex seems like the type of person that i would hate! And your friend i won't even say anything about. People like that are the idiots that should be put on there own little island so they can spred AIDs and HIV as much as they want!!!!


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Wow , this thread sounds like what happened to me some years back ! The only difference is she didn't fuck my friends , she just fucked everybody else . Since then I have been really picky about who I get involved with . I haven't been fucked around since . I also haven't met a single girl I liked back that liked me in return . Blue balls but a clear conscience .


I'm serious, no?
She doesn't deserve your attention anymore. A bad person is a bad person, she doesn't need an excuse to be a bad person. Be happy that you are now out of the relation. You'll be better off.