What The Hell Did I Just Do?


Fresh Meat
suggestion to all: NEVER GET BANGS. whhhyy? first they're all poofy and shit, so i'm like ok... i'll just straighten them with my straightner, but when you do that THEY STICK STRAIGHT OUT. THEY ARE BANGS, i just wanted those cute angled ones on one side but noooo they're straight across and THEY ARE ABOVE MY DAMN EYES. NOOoooOOOOOO. whhhhy and i'm going to a wedding soon. i look like i'm 6; i seriously do. i'm 15 and I LOOK LIKE I'M BLOODY 6. how is a six year old drink? how do they SMOKE???? how DO THEY MEET GUYS? this sucks. i'm ugly my beautiful beautiful hair ruined wiht clip of the scissors. good bye dear hair. I'LL ALWAYS LOVER YOU... stupid me


That Guy
you could always shave it all off and get a wig.

i personally like those white judge wigs