What the hell is up with this girl?


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Alright, so here's the skinny.

I've been hanging out with this girl for months, and she tells me everything, supposedly. She tells me all the time that we're best friends forever and all that jazz, and that she would never lie to me.

Well, that's what she told me anyway.

So this is the situation. She and I were suppost to hang out last wedsday, all day basically. Well, it gets down to the day before and she tells me her brother is coming into town, and that her dad wants her family to spend the day together.

And I think: Alright, thats cool. Family first, right?

So anyway, Wedsday comes and she and I hang out in school, and then after wards she goes to her house, or atleast I think anyway.

Now here's where it gets fishy.

It gets to wedsday night, and I'm out of the house to pick my sister up from a friend's house that lives near her. So I pass her house and loe and behold, I see another car outside, but its not her brother. It's this guy I know, from my grade in school.

So, I get crazy, to a point. I call her house (tried her cell and I got forwarded to voice mail), and her mom picks up, and I ask to talk to her.

In the conversation, which lasted about 20 seconds, I said something along the lines of "Yeah, thanks for lieing to me and spending our day with someone else, really, thanks." and I hung up on her.

Now I am pissed. On top of ruining our day together, she knew what I had to do to open wedsday to hang out with her, not the least of which was begging my boss to let me take off work.

So some time passes and I drive by her house again and he's still there, as late as 11:30. And I try to hold back, but I call her cell phone again late that night, and she cancels my calls.

Then today comes and I want to burry the hatchet, and I don't want to lose our friendship, so I take breakfast to her at her house before school. All she has to say when I get there is "There's a lot I need to say to you, and I don't have the time now"

So I leave, and send her a message that says to call me when lunch comes so we can get together and talk this out. I skip school for the morning, and go waste my time and wait for lunch to come around.

Lunch comes and no call, and so I call her. No answer, call is cancled. So I drive around a bit and look for her, and can't find her anywhere around town, so I go by her house and she's there, and so I think "Great, I can work this out here in private."

Well, I ring the door bell a couple times and no answer, and so I walk away. On my way out I write her a note saying "I'm trying to fix things, call me if you want to" and leave it for her, and that's it.

Shortly there after I determined that this is fucking stupid. I mean, she's making me feel like I'm the one at fault now.

What have I done wrong?
She's the one who lied to me, she's the one who's ignoring me, and she's the one who screwed up our plans.

So why is she making me feel like it's my fault by ignoring every attempt I make to fix things?

I deleted her name and numbers from my phone, so no more calling her. I deleted all her emails and addresses, so no more writing her. I've cut off all communication. I don't know her numbers by heart, so there's no calling.

And now, I don't know what to do. I might see her at school, I might not, but she's going out of town for the weekend, and after tomorrow I won't see her till monday either way.

And I don't know what the fuck is going on. The only thing I can hope for is that she'll call and try to work it out, cause otherwise.. this is over.

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Some girls are like that, find another friend..she wasnt a keeper..She was propably afraid that youd fallen inlove and etcetc.. Sorry I could go deep at this topic..but ive reaaallly g2g school :(


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bnccoder said:
You could just be tripping and might have fucked it up by the way you acted.

That's true.

Also, it sounds like you're trying way too hard. If she wants to work things out, then she'll call you. Pestering her isn't going to help the situation. Just relax.

Shit has a way of working itself out if you let it. Besides, if she's a "true friend" then one overreaction is going to end the relationship.

Stop worrying about it, and stop being such a "nag" towards your friend. It's not helping you.


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You didn't really do anything wrong before you got through to her (at least from what you have told us - you may have pissed her off and led her to that). But, when you got through to her, you shouldn't have been all mad about it. I know that she was with another guy, but if you really wanted to stay her friend, then you would have found a way to talk calmly and work it out. But, now that you have messed up and made her think that all you were going to do was yell at her, she may not want to talk to you about it.

When you left the note, she may have figured out that you just wanted to talk and not yell, but depending on where you left it, she may not have found it. So basically, if that happens again, you should probably TRY to be more calm about it and see where it goes from there.

Hell, he could be her cousin or something, or there could just be a car that looks familiar to someone's car that you know (unless you check the license plate). If the kid that you thought was hanging out with her is your friend, just talk to him about it and see if he was there or not. You could just be sadly mistaken.


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Well, she didn't call last night, and I prolly won't see her today.

Y'all are most likely right, I think I did try to hard. I just wish I knew what to do now... I hate sitting back and waiting.


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Fucking update from today, and hopefully end to this little escapade....

So I get to school today right and start testing, and we get down to the break in the testing period, so I roam the hall way for a bit and run into her. I ask if we can talk and I get

"Well, I'm a lil freaked out that you're trying so hard, it's like you like me, and I don't feel like way about you"

and I'm like

"We're just friends! I have a girlfriend, she's in hawaii!"

and then she says

"Well, my parents are mad, too, and they say because of how rude you've been to me and how much you've called and stuff that I'm not allowed to see you or hang out with you anymore."

I call bullshit on that one, but I don't say anything.

She goes to her class, I go back to my test. Hell of a way to start the essay portion of my history AP test.

Then, after the test, I have a class with her. And we talk some more. I find out she never wants to be good friends again, doesn't trust me, and has decided to go out with the guy that was at her house the other night.

Furthermore she says that her parents are dead set against us ever seeing each other again.

Then, I ask one more thing, just to test her.

"I didn't park at the school today, can I have a ride?"

"No, sorry, I'm leaving right away to go out of town after school."

"Alright, it's cool."

So afterschool comes and I'm talking to my girlfriend on the phone, and she walks by me. I put my girl on hold for a sec and ask "Hey, can I have your number again? I deleted it from my phone to give you space, remember?"

"Sorry, I'll call you."

And now the clincher.... remember how she couldn't give me a ride? I start the walk to my truck, and she's driving out of the school, and she drives right past where I park my truck and just looks back at me as she drives away.

And that's it. That's the end. And now, finally, I'm resolved to have nothing else to do with her... and why?

Cause she wants nothing to do with me.


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Yeah, if you try to hard, shit will all unfold at once.
It sucks, it happened to me before.


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I'm just going to give her time now I guess.. maybe a few weeks or something. She's graduating.. I might not ever see her again after that point.

I found one of the old CDs she made me that has all this cutesy writing and nick names on it, and suddenly all my determination melted it was replaced my pain and doubt.

God, I have to get this off my head.


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shit ay

fuck thats a pretty big dilemma i had a friend like that once she wen't all weird on me and just stoped talking i didn't know what to do and i still don't it's helllllllll fucked up but as for u it might be the same she has "gone weird" on you :confused:


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I'm sorry for ya man. It's fucked up when friendship between the sexes gets all shredded because of bullshit like that. I hope you can find someone else to hang out with pronto and just put her out of your mind. Good luck.