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here's something to contemplate and speak to your family/friends about-
if you were severely injured, in a coma, a veggie, or otherwise bed ridden and had little or no chance of a normal life (if you ever woke up)...would you want them to pull the plug on you or not? and how long should they wait? a year, two, five?

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Judge Orders Feeding Tube Removed
A three-week deadline is given in the case of Terri Schiavo, who has been in a vegetative state for 15 years.​


people are in comas for years...decades even! yeah a small percentage come out of it but then they're fucked for life most of the time w/ multiple health problems. i think it's crazy.
me, i'd want to be done w/ it. give me a year or less (depending on the severity of my condition) but if i require breathing, feeding tubes (external assistance l/t) unplug me!

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I have given much thought to this subject to be honest with you. I would hope that my family and friends would have enough courage to pull the plug on me. I don't want to be supported by machines. Call me old fashioned, but if I cant get up to pee in a toilet, cut me off. If I need a bedpan and a little button that calls in a nurse to put a spoon of farina in my mouth, cut me off.


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that case is sooo much more complicated than that... I believe we have discussed it b4... as for me..
I wouldn't want to be unplugged...

if they pull the plug... well in this case they are taking out the feeding tube.. not pulling a plug on a breathing machine... which means that this woman will starve/dehydrate to death... that to me is inhumane beyond belief... we treat people that recieve the death peanalty better than that...
were it me... I would rather have a lethal injection...
wheres Jack Kevorkiawhatever when you need him...


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If I can't pee standing up, gimme the gauge!!! If I were in a vegetable state, I would also hope someone would help me finish the journey. But Dan's right about the feeding tube thing. I wouldn't the feeding tube pulled, I want some Dr. Kevorkian help, instead.


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Humane euthanasia via lethal injection should be a legal option for anyone in this situation. I know I wouldn't want to live the rest of my life like that. People should be allowed to keep little cards in their wallets/purses that say "If I suffer severe injury to the point where recovery is unlikely, or my life will be unbearable in the event I DO eventually recover, please end my life with a lethal injection."


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bnccoder said:
Give me a month then crate me up and plant me.
Yeah. I'd say one or two months. Even if you recovered, I'd imagine you'd have suffering afterwards, and/or have to go through some shitty recouperation stage that may or may not make you normal again. Each situation is unique, though.
As for afterwards, creamate my ass, indefinitely. :)


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I say keep me around as long as possible, if upon waking up I'd be normal (normal for me, I mean). If I'd be so fucked up that I'd need help wiping my own ass - I'd rather be dead.

BTW - I'm going to get in trouble for this, but I'm doing it anyway. It's only a coma for the first few days. Then it's a persistent vegetative state.