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Ambient Vibe

Flame Bait
I totally dig the look of the forum and the name tickles my pickle! So I'm here - deal with it. :nana:

I ain't telling you anything about myself except that I'm ancient, grumpy and smell very badly 24/7. :crybaby:

NOTE: I'm a subtle Anarchist. I am as politically incorrect as they come as well, but I will try to control my raging hormones on this here, WTF site.:mob:

NICKNAME: Taser Granny *points to avatar* but the damn forum won't let me change it now (or ever?) so I'm going to emit an Ambient Vibe, instead. :notworthy:


Good for you! Now you can spend the next three weeks watching the staff masturbate with each other in forums that they've "closed " to further comments. Sounds lame? It should. It is.
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