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Headlines What's the Buzz? Rowdy Teenagers Don't Want to Hear It


Seeker of Truth
BARRY, Wales - Though he did not know it at the time, the idea came to Howard Stapleton when he was 12 and visiting a factory with his father, a manufacturing executive in London. Opening the door to a room where workers were using high-frequency welding equipment, he found he could not bear to go inside.
Howard Stapleton, inventor of the Mosquito, with a speaker mounted on the wall behind him, at a store in Barry, Wales, where boisterous teenagers once gathered. The device projects a very shrill and very annoying tone that only youths can hear. Then they flee.
"The noise!" he complained.
"What noise?" the grownups asked.
Now 39, Mr. Stapleton has taken the lesson he learned that day - that children can hear sounds at higher frequencies than adults can - to fashion a novel device that he hopes will provide a solution to the eternal problem of obstreperous teenagers who hang around outside stores and cause trouble.
The device, called the Mosquito ("It's small and annoying," Mr. Stapleton said), emits a high-frequency pulsing sound that, he says, can be heard by most people younger than 20 and almost no one older than 30. The sound is designed to so irritate young people that after several minutes, they cannot stand it and go away.
So far, the Mosquito has been road-tested in only one place, at the entrance to the Spar convenience store in this town in South Wales. Like birds perched on telephone wires, surly teenagers used to plant themselves on the railings just outside the door, smoking, drinking, shouting rude words at customers and making regular disruptive forays inside.
"On the low end of the scale, it would be intimidating for customers," said Robert Gough, who, with his parents, owns the store. "On the high end, they'd be in the shop fighting, stealing and assaulting the staff."
Mr. Gough (pronounced GUFF) planned to install a sound system that would blast classical music into the parking lot, another method known to horrify hang-out youths into dispersing, but never got around to it. But last month, Mr. Stapleton gave him a Mosquito for a free trial. The results were almost instantaneous. It was as if someone had used anti-teenager spray around the entrance, the way you might spray your sofas to keep pets off. Where disaffected youths used to congregate, now there is no one.

Teen repellent, Funny!


I'm just really nice.
Poor chavs...they never had a chance to do any real damage.

lady victoria

Too old for this shit!
I wonder if Jason can get a similar device installed in IRC or the Shoutbox?:p
i feel bad for all the seeing eye dogs



it's a motherfucker
excellent idea, i wouldn't mind one for walking around town.

but also true, what about the affects on animals (real animals, not chavs)?


I'd melt the world to stop with you.
I want one of these in front of my house.

Edit: Fuck it, I'm going to wear one of these 24/7.
BadEvilWrong said:
I want one of these in front of my house.

Edit: Fuck it, I'm going to wear one of these 24/7.
Good idea, strap it to your belt, that will keep those teenage thugs away. It would probably work for dogs, too.


Take the Bus , BITCH !!
i wold think on good fighting dogs !! they can make a lotta mess