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Whats the deal?


I do not believe the majority of people who say they hate there mom actuall believe it in there heart of hearts. They might just be pissed to hell at them for the moment and say they do.


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many of the times posters who say that ..are stupid lil pukes who wouldnt know responsibility if it came up and bit them in the ass...ive yet to read a post where they clearly..and concisely explain why they "hate" their or sister....with the exception of a few...when you see something like them on it...theyll usually never reply...


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hmmm....let's seee...oh yea

my mom left my perfect little family, me, my dad and brother and sister in a nice house, good neighborhood, her own car, and anything........for what? NothinG

she degraded herself to nothing and i don't know where she left too, i know it's nothing like what we have, but she left us and we can't forgive her and let her back, betrayed us....that's why my mom is hated

.....i have no mom...... ....and yes i got a heart, 99.99% it's full of warmth, but there's always that tiny percent that can be cold-hearted


Somewhere in the Between
the first post i put on this on this site was one called "have you ever got up and thought i'll kill my family today"and that was after a fight i love my family my bro could say you hate someone but it doesn't mean anything unless your heart says the same


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Digi Daze said:
I really dont have any family members I hate. How can you hate your moms?

These are all teens lashing out in anger! They don't hate their parents, they just think they do.. It takes some time (years) for the self-absorbed teen mind to process how much their parents mean to them! until then it's "FUCK YOU MOM", under your breath, and the bird when they aren't lookin!

Now my mother on the other hand is another story. She didn't exactly give me the best start at life. and we'll just leave it at that.......Am I pissed at her? Yeah, but that's the way life goes!
Some have it made for them, and others have to make it. But you know what? It's all water under the bridge.


I really did.
I guess my whole life I "hated" my father, for one reason or another. He didn't play catch with me, he always watched TV, he always yelled at me and hurt my feelings. I have many stories about how I could prove my hatred (to a certain extent)for him. I think he's dying of cancer. I came home from college to visit and he said, "All your life you pretended to hate me."
It's true, you pretend so much, that you believe.. At least that's the conclusion I have come to. Anyway. He told me not to start college next semester, or a year later, he told me to continue it for his sake, because that would make him happy. He said, "Cowboys do their best when it's the toughest."
I didn't think I would regret hating him for so long, but I guess I do. So my advice is to ignore the things you can't stand about a parent. Realize that the things they're doing are for a reason. That reason is most likely something they think will benefit you.


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mariusthegreat said: does that happen??? is that like hating your car...crashing it ...then loving it for getting the insurance money?? just wondering...

No. I love my dad, despite all he's done to me (and my family). I think the reason I hate him is that I can't stop loving him, no matter how much I try.


Somewhere in the Between
mariusthegreat said: does that happen??? is that like hating your car...crashing it ...then loving it for getting the insurance money?? just wondering...

we are all dramaqueens here ... :]
funny dude funny
dramaqueen eeeewwwww