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Whats the longest amount of time youve spent on a computer moniter?


Formally Cuddles

Anyway, in that case, if you are talking about how much time I have spent on a compter, I have to say 10 maybe 12 hours if you count in that fact that I have to convert all my movies or such into dvd format to burn them on dvd which take so fucking long to do depending how how long the movie is or how many videos you have.

If you are talking about building one or putting together, It took me a good month because I had buy all the parts little by little when I had the money. But getting everything hooked up and put together and running took me only 4 hours being that I also had to install windows and such.


The longest time I've ever spent using a computer is probably about 24 hours. When I was in the Army, we some times pulled 24 hour shifts, and monitored the network around the clock. This was only the case during field exercises or deployments though.

Other than that, I spend an average of 8 - 12 hours a day on the computer. The first eight of those being work, the rest are usually me sitting on the couch, posting on some forum or chatting in IRC, while I watch TV.


Hella Constipated
Wow...For me, 12 hours was the max.

Try doing that on an Envision monitor. 50% of those little shits are defective. The warped image makes your eyes dry as hell.

My current monitor is a 15" Norwood Micro LCD with a 16ms response time and an AUO (Acer) panel, and I love it to death. It totally kicks ass.

10 stars

Enraged before the storm
tsk, you noobs.
ive been up for 32 hours now, and ive been at my computer.
so uh, whenever i fall asleep is when my record ends.
im a little hyped up off caffiene pills though, so it might be awhile til then.
not to mention im packin a mean dip.