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whats your fav instrument, do you play it, and why?

Whats your fav instrument, do you play it, and why?

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IM a drummer myself. i love the drums and i play them often everyday. :)

if i didnt put the instrument you play in there..sorry i tried to get all the popular ones


I've played just about everything in the band. Literally. And although I liked the bass sax a lot it had it's drawbacks, like size. So I'm gadda stick with my flute. I'm a floutist at heart.


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I play bass (and instruments of death :p ). I have been too busy lately to be very active in a musical role. But the other night an old friend that I've been in like 6 bands with called me. He said he'd been writing a lot and wanted to start a project. So, here we are 4 days later and we have a drummer, a vocalist and Jim's cousin on rhythm guitar. (Jimbo plays lead btw) Wtf, sounds like fun. Maybe do a few shows out east or in the city. :rockband: :beerchug:
I look forward to it, the last project I was almost sucked into, the guy tells me “Well….we play retro ‘80’s stuff, mostly hard stuff”. Now this guy is the lead guitar for “Live after Death”, the east coast’s biggest Iron Maiden tribute band; so I’m like “This should be good”.
I get to the studio to find, his girlfriend on lead vocals, stuff like Pat Benatar, Heart, Joan Jett. PFT! A chick band! Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but Homie don’t play pat benatar.
I was hoping it would be more of a metal cover band.
Oh, well. This thing with my old friend, seems promising. He and I go way back, and he knows what type of project’s I gravitate toward.


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I play turntables! I finished 4th place in the 2000 cleveland regional DMC finals, and came in 2nd in the 1999 Sphere DJ Battle.

*sigh* don't really have much time for it anymore with the kids and all ....