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When you meet a girl.. then never hear from her again?

AAARGH since tuesday i've been going nuts! mope'ing round the house pissing my parents off with this lonelyness bullshit

God i met this great girl, i met her threw a family friend, mat, and my mate knows his brother james, i talked to her, went to this place with her, kissed her danced with her, walked her home and talked to her loads, then... it's like she never existed!

called her twice, text her twice, nothing!

Took her jacket back to her house, her brother answered and said thanks (i should have asked if she was in, but i didnt) text her saying i took her jacket back, nothing

(this is where it gets crazy stalkery'ish)

went to her house the next day, her brother james answered, (a friend i dont know so well) asked if she was in, he said no, i told him my dilema and he said yeh i'll come round to yours and tell you if you have the wrong number or if she has messages (cause i'd feel fine if she just said she didnt like me, rather than go nuts!) i hear nothing from him!

i phone her other brother mat, ask him to see if i have the wrong number he said he'd text me back, .. nothing

i've kinda gave up, i dont know what to do, i dont see what i did wrong, can i not dance (course i cant but i dont tink she seen me)

do i smell?

aargh:( is this a normal thing for girl to do to a guy?


Banned - What an Asshat!
well, if you had one great night with one great girl, it is better than several terrible years with one terrible girl, so count your blessings kiddo. :thumbsup:
s'pose but i feel crap and i just want some kind of message or pill to make it go away
dustinzgirl said:
well, if you had one great night with one great girl, it is better than several terrible years with one terrible girl, so count your blessings kiddo. :thumbsup:
Amen to that. I've wasted 2 and a half years. Eck.


Martha Fuckin' Stewart
Its okay little bucko, no worries. Great women will come and go all throughout your life. Just be happy you had the experience. It isn't worth the trouble, if she is going to ignore you. You just need a ride on gumercule's magic pirate boat. :thumbsup:
Just a question tho for women, really would appreciate some knowledge on this.

Do you, meet a guy, talk to him act like your having fun, give him your number, dance, kiss him and such and then walk home initiate the bye bye kiss, then walk to the door like you had a great time looking back smiling then just fuck off? ignore his calls? give him the wrong number even?

Do you do that? WHYYYYYY?

Nickwatch :rolleyes:
2.00am here and i had biscuits and tea out in the garden with my dog... and i've not got the stomach to eat 99.9% of the time,


Ultra Mega
not to imply anything, but was she drunk? i've had similar things happen where you get lots of good signals and then she changes her mind. girls are like that.

it would seem that you're getting a pretty clear hint though, so it'd probably best to not get too stalkerish and just move on


Yeh all sorted now anyway woo!

stupid teenages angst feeling disipating, i feel a different anger growing a new

rar, cheers guys