Where Are We?


Shiva-Destroyer of Worlds
He seemed to himself like a bird in a cage
Imprisoned and left only to sing his song

But no one was listening to what he canterd
they turned a deaf ear while he wandered along

Society's frankenstein, pariah to shun
No longer a slave, a marionette

People still judge and point condescendingly
So quick to forgive, but never forget

He's fallen through time, his past now is blurry
What seems like a day has been a few years

But then who would want to remember the pain
and relive events that caused many tears

He walks through the fire that apathy lit
and drinks from the cup that hatred provides

He walks on the lake like he's Jesus himself
and drowns all the love that we've cast aside

His eyes are as cold as tempestuous winter
His heart is drained like a pessimist's glass

He looks in the mirror to see his new life
And shatters the mirror that reflects his past.

And so he was gone in a flash of a light
Reborn again as he walks to the stars

But just before his past and the mirror met
He looked to the sky and asked where we are