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Headlines Where do you stand on Stem-Cell reserch?

Pepto Bismol21

We Are The Virus Of Life.
I say..."Hell Yeah" whats wrong with it?! People say we're playing god! BULL...There isn't one to begin with! It can help! Do you fuckers relize how valuable stem cells are!

Lets here your opioin! Bitch


Dreaming to live
Umbilical cords and their blood? Fine. Embyos that are going to be thrown away anyway? Go ahead. Aborted fetuses? I don't think so, that just feels... wrong. Oh yeah, and the people who say we shouldn't have genetics because its folding the hand that God delt us. Fuck that. I dare anyone who's had an innoculation or wears glasses to say that.


nervous tic, dull knife
junglizm said:
The search feature is really cool. You shoud try it some time.

I agree this dead horse has already been beaten, although I am one of the perpitrators of the beating.

In Pepto's defense though, at the bottom of the page there are links to cell phone threads in the "similar threads" section!
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