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where in the world?


Banned - What an Asshat!
If you could move anywhere where would you go?
Either with the same status or standing as you presently have, or with a whole new lifestyle. No conditions attached, no limitations imposed by governments, no financial restraint.
I'm also interested if you are choosing somewhere you have or haven't previously visited.

For the record and to get the ball rolling, although I'm very happy in my life as a transplant/import here in the grand old usa i do have a spectacularly large soft spot for south east asia, so i would say..
Sihanoukville, Cambodia. If I could own a guesthouse and actually relax enough to enjoy it.
Was there a long time ago, hope it is still as good/bad as i remember it.


drunk with a jeep problem
Hmmm, I'm from St. Louis, and i want to go back there. I mis my family and friends alot. I really mis that place.
id like to be one of those goddy assholes in Dubai with countless supercars and huge mansions. with girls.


id sell all my material possessions and move to Tibet where I'l buy a herd of sheep and roam the lands.

Iron Newt

Banned - What an Asshat!
I used to live in Germany that was along time ago. Then i moved to the US. Now im back in Germany, but i want to be in the US. Or at the NorthShore where i could constantly rock mountainbiking. :p