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We're arguably living through one of the most tumultuous times in human history, or at least in our lifetimes.... And none of the salty quick witted philosophers got shit to say about current events?

Have we run off ALL opposition?

Hell even ole Carl stopped by for an oh really but couldn't muster a superior flame job of the resident hobo.

All these great voices so much more productive and knowledgeable than my own.

15 years on this shit show and not one murmur of displeasure or one rallying cheer. Must be busy scooping up cryptos and QE.


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I'm here but I don't have much to say. I was going to go on a rant today at work but nobody cares and it might be offensive.


Flame Bait
Just found this site. You want a rant about today's society? This zoomer has some shit to say.

First of all, fuck this entire country's victimhood complex. Black people and women complaining about being oppressed, white people complaining about anti-white culture and losing their culture, transgender people calling you a bigot for not wanting to fuck them, incels blaming everything but they're own faults for their virginity, and gay people flaunting their gayness like they have something to prove. The fucking energy we spend blaming each other for all this shit could have been spent....oh I dunno... SOLVING THE GODDAMN PROBLEMS!!! Then we can live and let live like I thought we already established we had the right to do in this fucking country.

Also, left wing people aren't all soy latte drinking SJW autistic fags who don't wanna work, and not all right wing people are racist bible thumping gun obssessed honkeys. In fact, most of them aren't! Most people disagree on economics and certain conflicts of interest, but for the most part just want to be left the fuck alone. But for some reason, people bow down the loudest and most retarded zealots of every group like they represent the whole. And while were yelling at each other like everyone we disagree with is the devil, powerful people are taking advantage of all of us.

Then companies pander to these asshats. First media was paranoid of doing anything risque because the bible thumpers would have a heart attack, now the media is scared of doing anything remotely critical of minorities and women because the SJW's feelings will get hurt. Fuck cancel culture in all of it's forms, and fuck anyone who advocates for it. I shit a brick when Mozilla said "deplatforming is not enough" when talking about Trump. Look, I'm not a fan of the guy, but he didn't tell those rioters to storm Capital Hill and he has the right to speak his mind. If I don't wanna hear it, I can just *gasp* block him! Why what is this feature for? Could it be to ignore people that annoy me without stopping others from hearing them? Even Bernie fucking Sanders said he's not comfortable with big tech's ability to silence people and he seems to hate Trump. And before you say "they're a private company, they can do what they want" normally I would agree with you, but Twatter, Fuckbook, Instathot, Gaygle, ect. have waaaaaaaay to much leverage over the flow of information because people don't know to look elsewhere for news and have the attention spans of coked up goldfish, so forgive me if I think it might be necessary to break these companies up because letting them exist as is might be a bigger detriment to freedom than stopping them.

Now for my thoughts on genders. Why the fuck do we need 4059140258 of the fucking things? I get the definition they're going with. To them, gender is more about your personality in relation to your junk rather than your junk itself....so why no just call them personalities instead of forcing people to change their language, because telling people that gender is suddenly not a synonym for sex is just going to make you look fucking insane, or more insane I should say. I've spoken to very friendly transgender folk, and as long as they're polite to me, I'll use their prefered pronouns and names and such. I'm not gonna tell anybody how to live their life, however, can we just admit that you have to be a little crazy to surgically change your junk? Also, some genders are just redundant. Aren't "girlflux" and "demigirl" just tomboys? What's wrong with just being a tomboy? That's hot! Quit fucking it up!

And about COVID, What the FUCK are people doing!?!? "Your wearing a face daiper lol what a fag" this and "OMG your not wearing 12 masks and being completely isolated ur gonna kill grandma" that. I don't think COVID is a hoax, but when your government is known for being a bunch of lying crooks, don't be fucking surprised when half the country doesn't listen and the issue becomes politicized. Then you have hospitals getting extra funding for labeling cases as COVID, Trump downplaying COVID at first, stories about adverse reactions from an admittedly rushed vaccine, only blaming right wing rallys for spread while ignoring BLM and Antifa riots, all sorts of misinformation from all directions, a law that says manufacturers aren't responsible for botched vaccines, and the economy falling into a recession for the second goddamn time in my short life and it's no fucking wonder this whole situation is a shitstorm!! I don't blame people for following guidelines, but I don't blame people for breaking them either. How the fuck does anyone know what to believe anymore?

What the fuck happened to video games? Why are they just gambling now and why are people buying the fucking things? It isn't all of them of course, but who the fuck wants to come home from a hard day at work only to be told in your $60 fucking games "lol ur too poor to win" like a fucking shitty mobile game. At least put a warning on the box so parents don't buy this shit for their kids and have them gambling and shit. Let em play Doom Eternal instead. It'll teach them some fucking perserverance on higher difficulties.

Fuck Microsoft and your bloated ass OS that runs like a lame horse dragging it's ass while carrying a fat dyke. The only reason your shit is used is because it is the default on computers and because you got all the games, otherwise Linux would be king. It's not even hard to use. Been using Manjaro linux for months now and it's fucking amazing. No more 100% goddamn disk usage for no reason, no more waiting 10 seconds to open file explorer, and most of my Windows games still work thanks to the Wine compatiblity layer. FUCK WINDOWS.

Anything else you wanna ask me about?
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I'm here but I don't have much to say. I was going to go on a rant today at work but nobody cares and it might be offensive.
Brutha, Rant all you like about work, not many of us like work to begin with, so lay it on thick like.
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That depends on whether I chase them on foot or by motor vehicle. 🚙
You have to chase them on foot, but becareful, the chicken isnt as chicken as you might think, they will light yer ass up if you give them the chance, but the idea is to get mental and physical exercise the mind by plotting the course the chicken might have taken and catch it,
catch and release, catch and release, simple and it makes for a terrific You-tube video also, make sure to post it if you ever decide to do it...

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