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where, what, and why?


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i grew-up...well, a small town, but had the chance to do some traveling when i graduated from highschool.

reading through lots of threads, i find it interesting to hear about where people have been, but even more, what took them there. ie: void.

if you have had the chance to visit some interesting places, care to share?

i'll begin with a few.

born in houston. luv ya blue.

carnac, france: late one night, i was watching a pbs show about some monliths,minhirs..big rocks found in france. lines of rocks that stretch for a few kilometers. they pre-date stonehenge and a few of the theories behind their being peaked my interest.(galatic clock?) getting my wife to agree on a trip to fance was not hard at all. she was raised in spain and had never heard of off we went.

alberta,canada: a quick stop on our way to waterton while visiting relatives in calgary. head-smashed-in buffalo jump. it is a small cliff that was used to slaughter buffalo by the aboriginal peoples of canada. (they chased the buffalo off the cliff) dig 10 meters down and you still find bones of the buffalo. interesting, but waterton was much nicer.

kingston, jamaica: marley. street dances with a cool the right places. just a chill vacation with a freind. i picked up and accent.

koln, germany: the dom. huge gothic cathedral...took 500 years to complete. amazing. just backpacking with a bud and one of many stops.

ok, your turn. we have to take one trip a year(wife's rule), so tell where and what was cool.


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San Fransico rules. Sure, it's known as "that faggot city" in the Bible Belt, but that doesn't take anything away from how entertaining the city truly is.

Even simply spending time at the tourist traps is worth the trip, but if you enjoy difficult runs, the hills are the place to go.


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carnac is cool place.. avebury in wiltshire, england is worth a google.. a whole village inside a huge stone circle.. :thumbsup:
i went there in my mini, original mini cooper, and as i entered the circle to park in the village the speedo needle span around to 'full'.. like i was doing 80mph or whatever the max speed was on that dial.. it stayed there even when i turned off the car, until i left town.. fucking druids..

i went to the stonehenge festival in 1984, when i was 16.. me and a mate hitchiked down there (120 miles or so) took a bunch of too strong acid and watchd some very strange bands play, then went over to the stones for solstice sunrise, except in my headspace i was convinced the stones were preparing for take-off.. like they were a spaceship and i was in it.. i went over to have a chat with someone about it, but it transpired he was uniformed police.. i told him he had the craziest patterns on his face, that they were dripping blah blah blah ( hey, i was 16), but as he was surrounded by 100,000+ similarly stoned people and the festival lasted a whole month back then this was nothing he hadn't seen before.. so he just told me to fuck off.. i went back to the bands..

stones are good :thumbsup:

i guess going off when i was 16 set me up for wanting to see how far i could go.. i found out there isn't a limit to how far you can go.
California: Born there.
Oregon: After my parents' divorce my birthmother took me with her here to her parents' house.
Travis AFB: Another place in California where my dad had been stationed. He came to get me from my mother after we got kicked out of her parents' house.
Belgium: lived there for three years due to my father being in the Air Force.
While living in Belgium we visited: England for a vacation with my grandparents who were visiting, Germany for some skiing vacations (not me my parents and a family friend, I just tagged along, too young), Paris, Amsterdam, Holland.
Germany: Lived there for three years after Belgium.
Pennsylvania: A brief trip to visit my grandparents before moving to Scott AFB in Illinois.
Troy, IL: Lived there for three or four years
Pennsylvania to live for a year while my dad was stationed in Iceland for that year.
St. Louis for a few months to live with my soon to be new stepmother
Arnold, MO to live until college.
I've also been to Nevada, Wyoming, New York, Maine, New Jersey, and Florida for vacations.


California(berkely): born there
chicago:moved there when i was 2 months old
India:lived there for 4 years 1998-2002
germany:amazinn vacation for 1 month
france:lived thjere for 6 months
italy:another amazin 1 month
scotland:really beautifull...especially edinborough(i dunno the spelling)
thailand:excellent food and very nice people...ull get to know a lot of new culture

Personally i would love going to tibet


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places i can recommend.
an arbitrary selection obviously but i'll try and explain why each place was special. i have been to more places than this but some are dogshit and some i forget.

western europe.
not as easy as you would think, sure it's the first world and the tourist infrastructure is first class but to be honest it's often not worth the expense.. a lot of good vacations in europe have been ruined by 'sticker shock' or by being unable to do things because of the high cost.
the best way to see europe is to live there, i taught english in prague (i know, and i still don't use caps) and that is very easy and attainable. once you have a base you can start branching out. europe has nearly everything, beaches, skiing and all between.. it's like the usa but the people are smaller.

morocco is a challenge, but a very worthwhile one. the main problem is that a large percentage of the youth are unemployed and keep busy hustling.. i went there when i was fairly young and got by ok, you just have to keep your cool when someone is threatening you, i rented an apartment in essaouira for a month and it was like being a rockstar, until someone tried to stab me while screaming "who do you think you are, a rockstar?" still, good hash, world class..
egypt, i didn't have a typical egypt experience as i was there during gulf war 1 and had the country to ourselves, my girlfriend and i had spent the previous year in israel and left on the eve of the war as we thought israel would get attacked, it did, egypt was deserted.. anyway it was great, you might think it's a cliched place but when you actually see the pyramids with the outskirts of cairo built right up to them it does blow your mind at the scale of things.. my wife went in 2001 and said there's now a pizza hut within 200 yds of the sphinx, old world meets new.. but the people in egypt are awesome. israel is a matter of taste, i'm not jewish but i loved being there, you do get a bit of abuse from some if you're trying to live there as a non-jew but fuck them, it's a fun country..

south-east asia.
my favorite region. very happy, smily people.. i once asked a cambodian friend why they were so happy considering the kymer rouge genocide and the war in the region being such a recent event and having such a huge impact still, he said that it can't get any worse, with a big smile.. cambodia, thailand and laos are like that, immensely happy places, sunshine, all the cliched holiday necesseties. plus in asia, the saying goes, you are a rich man.. in laos in 1999 i was a tycoon, i struggled to spend more than $5 a day, one place i stayed was 20 cents a night. also although i'm not buddhist i'm very interested in the calming effect of buddhist thought, architecture and society.. i have vowed to retire to sihanoukville in cambodia. malaysia and indonesia are in the same area but very different, both being predominantly muslim societies.. a good chance to get culture shock between neighbouring countries is to travel from malaysia to thailand and feel the differences.. i love malaysia, a bit more expensive but really interesting, lots of colonial past, indian heritage, and islam.. a good melting pot..

nepal is absolutely fucking amazing, if you don't go there you are a cunt, i feel that strongly.. also it is like being in medieval times one minute, then you see someone on a laptop halfway up a mountain..
india is india is india, you don't love it or hate it.. you love and hate it.. only time i have ever been beaten up was in india, only time i have ever walked through a no-mans land between two countries at dawn with a full moon on one horizon and the rising sun directly opposite on the other while i frantically scribble prose onto a cigarette packet was in india.. it's a magical place that's full of shit.. a real affront of duality for the senses.. the first thing i saw in calcutta was a naked shaved head woman covered in ash standing doing a shit in the street, a lot of people do shits in the street. i went all over india but by far the best place was the andaman islands, off the coast of burma/myannmar.. i spent the month of december 1999 including new year 2000 there, we had dolphins, an elephant was born, spaceships came down and we made a movie with no cameras.. 15 westerners played survivor except we all won.. i'd retire there except i don't think i want to ruin it with my presence..

central america.
nicaragua is my new hobby, like i went to thailand 5 times when i lived in england, now nicaragua is my new close by place.. if you go there, or if you are in costa rica, go the extra mile and visit the corn islands, in particular little corn island, stay at the eco lodge.. a nice american couple who have done what me and my wife will do when we get to that stage in life.. also grenada on the mainland is beautiful, reminded me of the colonial buildings in viet nam, cambodia etc.. i love decaying colonial architecture.. it makes me think of empires lost and how local people use old things rather than destroy them.. a lot of good travellers/tourists in nicaragua, some of the best americans i met were there..

EDIT: born in england, lived in israel, belgium, czech republic, switzerland and now usa. i have applied for usa nationality so i guess i like it here.


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wow void is a real tough act to follow:

seeing how other people live their everyday is the cool factor for me. if i could, i would live the rest of my life in different destinations. but if i had to pick the coolest, i guess it'd this order:

i love NYC. i have been to many, many, many cities and even though i am a resident who is well aware of the down sides of living- i have never gotten more excited about going somewhere like i do when i know i am going to NYC. it's the rush that wins me over everytime. as i enter the city i can feel the rush of energy and power, the ominous delight of millions; simply it's grandeur. it is a place that is both beautiful and awe inspiring, truely alive . it's inexplicable until you get to experience it for yourself.

i found it very strange how in europe you can be in a huge city, feel the buzz of a modern bustling city, while simultaneously feeling like you've stepped back into ancient times b/c of the stoic architecture.

then there is the in between of BC. vancouver is a pretty city. you get to experience clean living, little to no historical value in their landscapre, however very modern, streamlined, surrounded by nature (mature, dense forests), well planned/constructed, and it is a small to medium sized populas. like not too built up and congested=little pollution in comparison.

the west coast of mexico offered me blazing hot tanning weather in culmination of mild temperatures that stay between 70-89 degrees day in, day out which i enjoyed. (don't like humidity.)

the east coast of the USA. been to every state south of say NY...and i've got nothing. stretching it, maybe the red clay soil of the carolinas, or the hospitality of GA. naturally pretty- but not my cup of tea.


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gurlgonewild said:
wow void is a real tough act to follow:
yes. see profile.