Fringe Which Conspiracies do I believe in?


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Not a complete list, just off my head.

Planet X = No
Galactic Alliance/All UFO Councils and such = No
Federal Reserve = Yes
Bigfoot = Undecided
Loch Ness Monster = Unlikely
Vampires/Werewolves/Shapechangers = No
Aliens = Not as presented
Rothschild Zionist Central Bank = Yes
Islam trying to take over Western Society = Yes
Ghosts = Yes
Flat/Round Earth = Undecided
New World Order = Yes
Reality is a Simulation = Undecided
Mandela Effect = Yes
Pedo Cannibals run the world = Yes
Hitler Survived WW2 = Yes
Holocaust = Not as presented
A.I. Takeover = Yes
Vaccines cause Autism and hundreds of other maladies and deaths = Yes
Nuclear Weapons are real = Yes
False Flags are used to start all Wars = Yes
Geoengineering = Yes
Rapture = No
Earth Religions = No
Animal/Human Hybrids with no rights grown in labs worldwide = Yes
Men in Black = Not as presented
Demons/Extradimensional Entities = Yes
Obama killed Osama = No Fucking Way
Michele Obama is a Trannie = Yes
Many Hollywood Stars throughout the years are Trannies = Yes
JFK killed by Lone Gunman = No
Main Stream Media is propaganda and not to help the people = Yes
Government has our best interests at heart = No
Most of History is complete fiction written by the victors = Yes
Schools are brainwashing academies, especially college = Yes
9/11 was an inside job = Yes
Paul and Faul = Undecided
Obama is a gay man and born in Kenya = Yes
Reptile People run the world = No
Luciferian Cabal runs the world = Yes
Moon Landing Fake = Yes
Cancer Cures and other useful Tech kept from the public by any means = Yes
Life after Death = Yes
Government preparing a fake alien invasion to usher in New World Order = Yes

Ask away with the others, there's so many, and I'll chime in. I'll probably add to this list anyways.
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Yes, really. Thinking people in positions of power don't make plans in private IS the conspiracy theory.

Instead of just posting my own thoughts on this, I'll start linking study material for the interested.

This, for example All Wars are Banker Wars, is a great place to start.

As time gets short, it will be good to know who to blame when SHTF. Well, other than ourselves for doing nothing of course.
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I believe Morty is Rick.
I've watched some of the people go on about this, it's entirely possible. Though morty has to "get smarter" along the way, obviously.