WTF ... IS WTF!?
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Who Do You Hate?!

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Deez Nutz

I are baboon!
So far I have noticed there are two "flame" things that I have noticed.

1. GottaHurt, although he may seem intelligent, commits his intelligence to the wrong things. He is arrogant and ignorant, if he commited himself to more worthy causes that weren't so pathetic, and stopped defending people who are not wroth defending because they are so stupid, he might be SLIGHTLY bearable.
2. MUFFDIVER is sort of like GottaHurt, except with half the intelligence and double the arrogancy. What is wrong with you MUFFDIVER! Your so stupid! Thinking that typing in capital letters makes you look like such a big man, just shut the fuck up and get the hell of this website, this is for intelligent people to debate, not for elementary school idiots to fuck around and try to impress a few people you don't know! You make GottaHurt look good!

These two people have really managed to get on my nerves. Thinking you're so smart when you are just making asses of yourselves.
I've read some of your posts, and all I have to say is this:
You sir, are a dumbfuck.

Oh yea, Muffdriver is a pussy ass dumbfuck.
Not open for further replies.